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  1. Default would you leave or stay ?

    if maplestory change back to the old server...
    would you stay or leave?

  2. Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    Leave ASAP, despite some nostalgia I do not wish to go back there.

    Also with old server I assume you mean pre-bb (maybe even 4 job only?)...

  3. Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    Stay of course. I simply like the game.

    But I would not be a very happy monkey. There are changes made that makes the game so much better (plus the addition of Luminous). And let's face it, the social aspects of won't come back with that old server. The game would be horribly crippled by going back because it would be great for like 2-3 weeks and then... everyone is off grinding on their own again. That's simply what the players of this game have gone to these days.

  4. Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    What do think the players that paid thousands of dollars for cubes are going to do if potential was removed?

  5. Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    Get over it, just like everyone else who spent thousands of dollars on the same sh`it and left anyway.

    Depends by what you mean by "old server", people don't want to repeat the same content, especially if it's grinding just to zakum and horntail. People want to grind to experience a large amount of end game content while being self sustaining. The closest maplestory got to that was right before potential was introduced, which allowed you to fight almost a dozen relevant bosses a day.

  6. Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    No it's too late. Even if you turned back the servers/content to pre-BB the game wouldn't be the same.

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    Default Re: would you leave or stay ?


    Take off your rose-tinted nostalgia glasses, jfc.

  8. Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    There's no turning back. No matter how much anyone would want things to change back there's simply no realistic way to implement it. Content-wise, changing the game to how it was in the past is a definitive no for everyone, and potential-wise, well it would damage anyone thats ever invested a dime on cubes or anything related to potential

    If cubes had been craftable and dropped as they do now from the get go, we'd be seeing a lot less of these threads.

  9. Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    There's not much to talk about maplestory nowadays, D:

  10. Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    An old-school server sounds good in theory, but in all honesty it just won't work, at all. I'd really love to see all these people stuck living in the past last a month in an old-school server. I'm willing to bet more than half of them would ditch it within 2 weeks, or switch to using it as another form of social media, which can't even really be counted as playing the game imo (not to mention it would be entirely different since the community is entirely different now).

  11. Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    I can map the very day players got lazy and no longer had 24/7 training parties, and that day was when they patched himes in. Once people figured out how to kill crow without getting destroyed, people even sold the maps they cleared crow of. Meanwhile, glorious goby and squid maps were a wasteland from then on.

    If the game were reverted now, the players are too casual to handle aqua grinding for under a percent an hour, but that pomegranate was the most fun ever to me, around the time I reached aqua road I recall I was contemplating quitting the game because PQs were boring as crap and nobody made lasting parties anywhere, then I walked around, enjoyed the floating, and quickly noticed that EVERY pineappleING GOBY2 AND SQUID2 MAP WAS FULL, on every single channel. And they were inviting me, because everyone needed an HS mule that stuck around and more importantly didn't afk on the crate in the center of the map, and I really had fun floating around buffing people for 20+ hours at a time for some reason. Brain damage I guess, but it was fun. I can't say the game has been legitimately fun since then to me, which is why I quit. I tried LHC but those parties weren't the same; sure, there were a ton of them, but they were totally different types of player, the type that will just quit after 20 minutes or even worse, the type that kicks a member that had been in the party for hours for a random passerby, usually without even saying a word. Basically, inconsiderate pimentos, which is partyplay as a whole in MS as of the time I left. They are willing to toss anyone under the bus, even friends, for 1% faster exp/hr.


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    Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    Leave or stay; doesn't matter. Like everyone said, it's good to have nostalgic memories but got to move on from the past or you'll be stuck there forever. There's a reason why changes were made.
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  13. Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    You guys do realize one of most famous and long lasting private servers is an old .62 or something right? There's obviously a market for it, and considering 75% of the population has dropped in like, 4 years, I feel it's a bigger market than what it is currently.

  14. Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    Changing back to the old server doesn't fix the issues. Then we'd just have less, boring content.

  15. Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    There is a difference between going back and not moving forward. Sure, there's a market for it, and Nexon possibly could open a separate server for an older patch version if they wanted, but that is different from reverting the current servers back.

  16. Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    That's been Maple since Day 1. They'll also do it for 100 mesos, too.

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    Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    Seems the TS fled the scene.


    Anyway everything that has to be said has been said. It's simply far too late. The game has gone too far down. I don't think anything Nexon is willing to do can revive the game for more than a month at a time.

  18. Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    but where am I supposed to nostalgia about the good ol' days

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    Default Re: would you leave or stay ?

    B-but we're

    jokes aside, I would leave I think... maplestory is OK at this moment

    I kinda wish there's some kind of rule or sticky thread to avoid this disscusion every month



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