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  1. Default 3DS XL black screen when Wireless is turned on

    Hey SP,

    I recently got a 3DS XL (this past Black Friday sale) and it has been fine and dandy till today. I left it in Sleep mode in a game's title screen, which I have done for the last week or so, and went about my usual day.

    I come back home today, lift the cover up, and get greeted with a black screen. The backlight is on, the blue power LED is solid, and the Wireless signal is also solid; there's just no display. I thought I might have overcharged it, so I left it on for a couple minutes then turned it off, left it that way for another couple, then turned it back on. It boots back up to the Home screen, works for a minute.......and then promptly comes up with, "System Error, please restart system." I restart again, same thing again.

    I've been Googling and fiddling around for the past two hours and it seems there's something wrong with the Wireless. I turn it off, the 3DS doesn't run into any problems, but as soon as I turn it on, the System Error message comes up again. My Google searching says it might be an issue with the WiFi card being offset and that I need to reseat it. I dropped it once a couple weeks ago, but no issues came out of that. I just thought it'd be strange for an issue to come up now.

    Anybody have any experience with this issue? I plan to call Nintendo support first and get their input before I try to reseat the WiFi card. Help please?

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    Definitely put a call through to Nintendo's help lines for help. I had a few hardware issues with some other stuff in the past and they helped me get stuff sorted out.
    I also had a teacher of mine back in highschool send Nintendo his wii to have it fixed once. He thought it took too long to get back to him, which is why he told me about it, but he still got a free fix for his product.

    Hopefully everything works out! Sorry I don't have anything more useful to post. :(
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    Welp, I called earlier and the person I spoke with has never heard of this issue. Even though I can find threads from Google dating back two years

    They want me to send it in to be inspected and repaired, but if it comes down to a replacement, I can only get a Red or Blue one. My current one is Black/Black.

    Time to reseat the WiFi card and hope it works!

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    Reseated WiFi card and even tried disconnecting and reconnecting the cable, no dice. I'm going to assume the WiFi card itself is corrupted, or the connecting wire snapped somewhere behind the motherboard, which I dare not remove to check.

    Time to call Nintendo again. Ugh, what the actual pineapple...

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    You're probably going to settle for a new model. :S
    And yeah...stay away from the motherboard. Don't want to void any warranty with Nintendo otherwise you'll be completely SOL.

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    I'm hoping I can just tell them the WiFi card is corrupted BUT everything else is working properly. Hopefully they can relay that so I can keep my model...



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