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    If I have an equipped (untradeable) Sweetwater Katara, and I transpose a PSOK'd Katara onto it, will the resultant SW katara be tradeable once?

    Asking because I want to mess around with the 30% boss and 10% PDR while I continue to wait around for more +9's. Wouldn't be worth if I can't trade the katara afterwards, though.


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    We have mixed answers regarding that. When transposition first became available, it seemed like yes, it was tradable once after it was transposed. But some others have reported it not working.

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    I mainly wanted to focus on the katara already having been equipped, and wondering if that would make a difference. As far as I know, the glitch still works on weapons - the gear is the iffy part.

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    I didn't have it working when both weapons weren't equipped. I don't know if you can score any chances with PSoK'd or eqiupped ones yet. Too few around and too bothersome to test.

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    The 'glitch' only works when the material gear is PSOK'd. Otherwise, it's intended that the SW equip becomes fully untradable.

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    Well, did some messing around and here are some results:

    Both Unequipped

    Base Equip PSOKd and SW Unequipped

    Base Equip PSOKd and SW Equipped

    So the glitch depends entirely on the base equip, like I thought. Think this covers anything else up about SW transposition.



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