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  1. Default Best route for leveling up your boat?

    I've finally unlocked each area and I don't really care about denaro too much so I figure I'll work on upgrading my boat the fastest, which way would be the fastest?

    Also, is there a list of how many upgrades the boat can go through?

  2. Default Re: Best route for leveling up your boat?

    I think the boat maxes at level 30, each 10 levels you get the next of the 3 skills (1-10 is cannon, 11-20 is att buff, 21-30 is arrow rain), and i think it was said somewhere here today that the levels for those skills reset when you upgrade the boat.

    I don't know how boat exp works but i would imagine the higher areas do it the fastest.

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    1 Lith and 2 Rien should net you the most experience for 100 energy. I forgot how much experience each area gives (something like 1800 for Lith), but 1 Lith and 2 Rien is better than 2 Lith and 1 Herb Town.

    From my own observations:

    Lith: 40 energy, 1800 exp
    Rien: 30 energy, 1200 exp
    Herb Town: 25 energy, 900 exp
    Rosa: 15 energy, 420 exp
    Luna: 12 energy, 300 exp
    Dolce: 10 energy, 180 exp
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    Default Re: Best route for leveling up your boat?

    I didn't knew you could upgrade your boat and I did the Lith one over 30 times now.

    Is there a guide or discussion as to what upgrading the boat does and etc?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I haven't noticed the Vessel on the bottom right corner of my equip tab. It says it's level 9.

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    Read what i said above. It unlocks the 2 skills you don't have, one increases your attack by 100 for 12-30 seconds, the other does 23000% damage to the screen or something like that.

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    The boat maxes out at level 10. You can then use denaros to upgrade it to a new boat which start at lvl 1 again. Then EXP curve keeps going though, so no easy first levels on the new boat.
    The sailing boat only gives a new buff skill, but the dreadnought gives you more slots for trading items and more energy.

    I think the most effective route is 1 trip to Vic and 2 to Rien.



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