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  1. Default New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    It look like everyone is getting their own drop now just like kms style in root abyss

    If you bring a full party of 6 you can get 10-25 equip per Run Per Boss

    ~If thing are going to keep follow up like this way... all the Root Equip will drop to 500mil by next week then by few month It will become like kms which is about 100-150mil per equip

    ~Does anyone like this new Change to root abyss?

    I feel it kinda too early for this but oh well ~Cheap Root Abyss Equip here I come

  2. Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    I like it, because endgame being accessible is awesome.

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    Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    It seems reasonable.

  4. Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    There always has to be that one guy that just can't keep his mouth shut...

  5. Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    Root Abyss and Empress are the only two places I know of that have instanced drops. Gollux definitely isn't.

    I personally think it's a glitch. It started with the sc that nerfed SW droprate, and I think the two are somehow related.

    I think getting ~200 equips per empress run is a bit ridiculous. Especially since prices are already pretty crap and they aren't selling. Already got my head chopped off for lowering prices, so I'm stuck with 6 mules full of empress junk that'll never sell.

    @ above, I completely agree with you but there's been like seven threads on basil in the past day, and there are a few threads on Nexon forums. I'm throwing in the flag of "keeping it under the radar"

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    Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    You'll get from me. It'll be great for those that can't afford such equips. if only they didn't nerf the SW drop rate...

  7. Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    .... and I just baught a set.... god damn it... oh well.

  8. Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    Nerfed SW drop rate is a good thing.

  9. Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    Ah that explains the influx of RA gear in FM. I thought there was another dupe or something

  10. Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

  11. Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    Neat. Time to wait for Pirate RA to plummet.

  12. Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    Well, didn't RA and tyrant gear magically drop after a sc? Maybe they just fixed this along the way.

    Although getting that many equips seems way too excessive though. I understand if it's like limited to 0-1 per person, but 10-25 for a group of 6 is just...

    What other bosses were suppose to have instanced drops? I guess thats theonly way to tell if it's glitched or not.

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    Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    This situation is huge a Double-Edged sword. Great for people who don't have access to alot of mesos, and It encourages team play for higher lvled players for, but bad for people who usually solo. I think it's a pretty good move and now I can help my guild members get Root Abyss Gear that they need for free. What I don't understand is why Nexon doesn't announce big changes like this publicly?

  14. Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    It was most likely an unintentional fix. It is certain they have been playing around with party drops ever since unleashed [so many issues with v2 issues that I dont have enough fingers to count them with before...]
    They probably just found a fix for it and implemeneted it since it didnt need a patch [plus they got a lot more things to worry about duing patch times]

    Of course this is assuming that this is all intentional.

  15. Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    Most likely because I doubt they know about it.

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    Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    this is good a thing for most maplers :)

  17. Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    Pretty sure if you are capable of soloing/duoing empress/ CRA, you already know about this, and are already doing it with your friends, so i see no reason as to not let people know. I'm sure once people keep seeing the RA gear in the fm keep piling up, they would eventually question to why.

  18. Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    I'm honestly at odds. I think Nexon intended for the drops to increase in light of higher level gear being available to players, but.. the game has been pretty unstable the last few weeks.. and I wouldn't be surprised if the developers misplaced a few zeroes for the drop multiplier at RA..

  19. Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    Im not familiar how it is at RA, but at empress, each person gets their own invidual drops that other players can't see, so it is like the KMS version drop system

  20. Default Re: New Root Abyss Equip Drop

    I'm kinda worried now.

    Now that players won't be able to sell those pieces for high end prices anymore, its going to shift to another item to make up for lost profit margins.

    Which leads me to believe that equips such as tyrant gear and sweetwater armor will expand in price to the point of outrageousness due to overinflation. There's no real legit meso sink in this game.

    Tyrants starred already sell for real life money. Its just going to get worse due to this. Sweetwater armor will increase due to not being able to get tyrnt stuff, but not as much due to being readily accessabilly to anyone who is lucky.

    I personally think....we need more time to evaulate the reprocussions of this and then come up ultimatly if the next few weeks after the market stabilizes to see whether this is a chagne for the worse or better.



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