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  1. xDae

    Default THEM ~ Broan Guild

    THEM - Maple Story Broa Guild

    One of the most amazing Maple vids Ive seen in awhile. hyunieJjang / Shintaaa did some real fine work. If you dont watch it in high quality, you'll miss alot

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  2. Default

    I wish he hadn't quit for more then a year, I already loved his old Jjang videos just like this one ;)

  3. Helium Atom
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    Pretty good video. Nice intro, but it's copyright infringement so be careful =P.

  4. Default

    Excellent editing, but it felt a bit dragged out. Overall it was very well put together though.

  5. xDae


    He was supposed to make two more videos: "Men of Them" and "Women of Them" which seem self explanatory

    But he got busy with work :/



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