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  1. Default Can't access Maple Story website.

    It turns out no matter what I do, I can't connect to I can open the client, but can't connect to the game either. No images from the website (NX offers, etc) will load on the patcher mini window either.

    I searched info on this and all I could find was to disable Microsoft Loopback Adapter. But actually, I never had it installed to begin with. Tried installing it and disabling it, nothing.

    This has been going on for 2 days, and was completely random. I can't play on my gf's house, but at my place I can load the website and play just fine. I can also load the page from my cellphone using 3G. But it won't load from WiFi. Tech support from my ISP is utter crap and has no clue.

    Has anyone gone through this? It's like access to is COMPLETELY blocked. I did some tracert tests and everytime it's "request timed out", did a ping test and all packets sent were lost, I'm completely isolated here. PC or laptop gets the same result


  2. Default Re: Can't access Maple Story website.

    Is it excluded from your firewall settings?



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