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    Searched SP for this game, and only saw a thread with no reply in it. Since DFO has closed, I've been looking for a good beat em' up with skills, combos and all that good stuff, and I haven't found one yet. I've tried games like Tera, but they seem to monster hunter'y and not enough dfo'y. After looking awhile, I saw a familiar name, Rusty Hearts, and decided meh, wynaut try it out. It seems like a pretty good game so far, good amount skills by the looks of it, different weapons to choose from, avatar crafting (which really surprised me in a really awesome way) etc

    Also it has scythes @Corn; , I'm currently using that character cause I want the glaive weapon

    So anyway, wondering why no one has said anything about it anywhere, if anyone's heard of it or playing/played it and their impressions of the game
    I feel like at least corn woulda mentioned it since it had scythes ; - ;

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    I've played a fair amount of time in the Korean version. Was impressed when it came out. But then the publisher decided to IP block addresses outside Korea.
    Then I heard about an English version and tried out beta and continued playing after beta. But I became quickly bored of it. I sometimes look up the English version.

    The English version is lacking content and the last patch note I read on their website is from April...

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    I think this might be why I also didn't really play it :3.

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    Hmm, that is true. But for now, I'll probably keep playing it since the fighting is pretty fun so far, and with me being on DFO withdrawal, I have to have at least one beat em up/ dungeon crawler game to play. The patch issue won't really effect me at the moment either.

    I'm waiting for dungeon striker/mystic fighter/kritika/another company to revive dfo (; - ;) but we all know how long those will take to come out.

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    The game seemed pretty bleh to me. Kinda unpolished, overall not that enjoyable. I felt there were better alternatives so I never played it much.

    Also having to pay for female versions of the same exact characters that already exist is a tad ridiculous. And it's not cheap. Unless they've since removed that, that is...

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    Played it in CBT to OBT, it showed promise but, as been said, update at an awful rate. It got boring fast, for some reason.

    Might I suggest Elsword if you enjoy 2D fighting? I like it alot and have been playing it on and off since 2011.

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    I have tried Elsword. My shelling guardian is level 34 currently. The game looks really nice, but the mana constriction is a real turn off to me, same with the limited skills you can use at a time. I may continue it later, since their 3rd job is out now, but I think I'll play RH till I get bored of it or one of those other games I mentioned comes out :v



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