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Thread: EE My Armor?

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    Hi All-
    I have a complete empress set but only wep and overall have stars. My main is a lvl 160 Wind Archer and I realized last night I was getting an increase in range of 105 per dex point added. I have not ee'd my armor in case miraculous ees come to GMS. Seeing how much range I could gain from eeing my other armor pieces (I have a few 5 star scrolls saved) sould I go ahead and ee or continue to wait and see if mee is released?


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    MEE wont arrive in GMS. MEE was a mistake, KMS employees regret putting them into the game.

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    There's really no point in enhancing armor. Enhancements on armor tend to give useless things such as defense/hp/mp/etc and the best you'll get out of it is a few main stat increases if you're lucky.

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    So it is not a guarntee main stat increase per star (like it is for ATK on weps)?

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    nope - of the 5 armor items I've EE'd (cause I had way too many untradeable AEEs lol)
    +3 dex once
    +1 str once
    +0 stats 3 times

    What you are pretty much guaranteed is 4-5 w.def and 1 mdef, at least on warrior equips.

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    I used no boomable 3 star on my gear, simply because Im a Xenon, its much higher rate to gain something, if you are a main stat character dont even bother. But this is like my only upgrade that I can do in EMS atm (apart from additonal cubes which havent been in cs for 10 months)

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    Only items worth enhancing are weapons and gloves, and that's because both can gain ATT. The increase in stats is so small that it isn't worth wasting money on enhancing regular armour.



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