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  1. Default Is Insoya Closing Down?

    This is a note I'm seeing everytime I see the site. (Translated)

    MapleStory-soya-com is the total charge.

    '' This is the first time a community-initiated soya dotcom will MapleStory
    February 7, 2004 winter, ' Tess PIA community ' started as the site for sharing information on a test server patch
    I brought about 10 years this is not due until September 2013, currently operates as a dot-com called MapleStory Community soya.

    A lot of times users thanks to the attention and love of privately run and keep for a long time, although I was able to come to grow.
    Privately run lots of different reasons that hoot and derision, and eventful, but endlessly.
    Unfortunately, as early as a few weeks, more than a fortnight the future direction for soya which is within dotcom final decision should not proceed.

    Alone development, management, operations, maintenance, both were part of the deal with
    With the help of the community helper Bulletin Board for those operations has been reduced, a lot of the burden on
    Still, too many responsibilities on the part of my hands they're being kept private spent a lot of time.

    I also want to go into, the community memories, but
    Please understand that uncontrollable selection line.

    The final decision whether it is able to plan, to be announced
    Results are not good, though, at least not within the purview of the turmoil was a fine finish to get out.

    Select the line through the guides too difficult in the current bulletin was also sorry cannot help a heart,
    No decision has been made, although the poor direction I'd like to understand, even appreciate it.
    It's a good direction, wish I could be like that on an ongoing basis,
    If you did not do so even if it is not all bad.

    Of course, as I mentioned earlier, the site would sell or transfer.
    For starters, there has always been a big part of my life was a promise will not be destroyed.

    MapleStory and users can do with always with you
    It was not an enjoyable and happy, even if the time is hard.

    In the future, the user is only fun things you both always full of hope.
    Please note that additional membership from mid August. Please note that the benefits.

    Thank you."

    Is it actually going away?

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    Default Re: Is Insoya Closing Down?

    Maybe someone will continue the legend, just like Eos?

  3. Default Re: Is Insoya Closing Down?

    Sounds like the current owner won't be managing the site anymore. Final decision will be decided in the upcoming weeks. Sale/Transfer of ownership is work in progress?

    I'm not too sure on it =/

    Google Translate gives me this:
    Can't seem to post the Korean text via copy/paste..

  4. Default Re: Is Insoya Closing Down?

    Current owner is doing all the work on the site right now and the other staff members aren't carrying much of the workload so the owner is growing tired of having to do all the work.
    That's the main reason for all this



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