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    I made assassin for fun because i've got free time latly and i have few questions:
    1. Which throwing star is the best to use? I mean i've gut 2 illbi set, but my assasin is lvl 41 so i cant use it until lvl 70
    2. Work Glove with att- Is it still necessary?
    3. Which item should i get to make my assasin stronger?

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    1.Stars have almost no bearing on your damage at those early levels.
    The best stars you can have are Balanced Fury, up until then Subis will do fine.

    2. No, not for leveling through the first 120-150 levels, and after than WG:s are sourly outdated.

    3. Start off with a decent claw at around lvl 130-160, til then any clean gear will do.

    Your questions make it sound like you have not played Maple since Big Bang or something.

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    Never played with assassin since Big Bang... I remember before BB i had assassin with WG, Steely and more but everything changed!

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    1. You can still grab white throwing stars from the unleashed shop, or craft flame throwing stars.
    2. Not for a couple years.
    3. luk % stuff (aim for at least 6% on each equip first, then increase), good claw is important too.



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