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Thread: Hi, I'm schwer

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    Well, that wasn't a heavy introduction at all.

    Er, sorry. Anyways, hello, greetings, and welcome.

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    Would be nice if you told us more about yourself, but welcome!

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    Not very good with intros, aha. Let's try this again, though.

    I've been lurking SP for a while lately, so I figured I'd dig up an account I made a while ago and contribute (if you could call what I post 'contributions') to the discussion. MapleStory is my anti drug, and maybe SouthPerry as well in the near future, if I can integrate myself into the community. I main a Bera in Hayato, and I enjoy doing stupid stuff with what little friends I have. The game's gotten kind of dull though, since it's so damn hard to make friends.

    As for my personal life, I'm currently still on 'hiatus' after graduating from high school last year, but I think that's just a load of bollocks meaning I don't want to grow up yet. I do plan on at least getting a job once Autumn hits, however. I don't go out a lot as I'm pretty introverted, and I tend to shut myself in because of its convenience, but I'm pretty okay with that as long as I do get some sun every now and again.

    Ok, let's try this three facts thing I so hastily backspaced from the sample form:
    1) I have a problem with tinkering around in MapleMe/BannedStory making pretty girl characters.
    2) I happen to be a level six weeaboo.
    3) I've always wanted to get into motion graphics/digital art as a hobby but was never ambitious enough to get to work no matter how much 'inspiration' I could muster.

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    You sound like me, except I never grow up (and I'm quite past the age where I should).


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    Welcome to Southperry, the land

    Oh. You posted more.

    Welcome to Southperry, the land of chinchillas, pineapples, and opossums.

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    Your dp scares me. Welcome.

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    Welcome to SouthBasilWood! The land of , raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainbowssssssss, and .

    .smussopo dna, selppaenip, sallihcnihc fo dnal eht, yrrephtuoS ot emocleW

    Welcome to the land of Sovietperry where chinchilla sits on you!

    And finally welcome to Southperry where I rule as Empress despite what Queen Eosian claims.



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