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    I put points into beam dance dmg, mecha dmg and PDR, and I'm left with 2 points. Extra targets and move speed on beam dance seem kind of useless, so I'm left with the pingpong ball hypers. Which two should I get? I'm thinking duration and dmg or speed, but which is better?

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    Get duration so it lasts as long as the CD. The last one is up to you, speed might be more effective so it hits more mobs or more times, but idk.

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    I went with beam dancing + hologram hypers for grinding and at level 200 I reset for this:

    Fuzz hyper guard
    Fuzzy hyper reinforce
    Beam dancing reinforce
    Beam dancing fast movement
    Hologram graffiti presist(10+ sec idk the gms name)

    You might think fast movement is useless but I found more useful than 10% more total dmg or faster attacking on hologram. You only use hologram whenever the boss stops you from attacking him or when you wait for the boss to summon.

    But if you dislike it, then I'd recommend this:

    Fuzz hyper guard
    Fuzzy hyper reinforce
    Beam dancing reinforce
    Hologram graffiti - Speed (ball attacks quicker)
    Hologram graffiti presist(10+ sec idk the gms name)

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    I think the top is probably one of the better choices. the speed really does make a difference to blade dancing. I only wish there was one more point so you could get Beam Dance Spread, it only hits 6 and the 2 other mobs can make a difference in some situations. I guess you could always drop speed for it, or Hypogram persist if you dont use it much.

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    Spread is pomegranatety, it only gives you 1 more target rather than 2. But after the nerfs its buffed up to 8 targets by default.

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    I'd put at least one point in Blade/Whip Dancing - Extra Target personally, mainly for evo world and dimensional invade. It seems better than movement speed, anyway.



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