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Thread: The osu! Thread

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    I figured since a few of us play osu! a lot that I could make a thread for whenever we want to play together. The idea here is similar to the iSketch thread that gets made too often in Shenanigans.

    For those that don't know, osu! is a PC rhythm game that's similar to Elite Beat Agents. I can't really explain it in words, so here's a video:

    Some people use a tablet to play faster songs like that one, but personally I'm much more comfortable with just a mouse. Input methods are:

    - Mouse only (LMB, RMB)
    - Mouse + keyboard
    - Tablet only
    - Tablet + keyboard

    There are a ton of songs to download from every genre, and you can even create your own songs. One thing to note is that a LOT of them are Japanese or related to an anime, so if you're really averse to that it might suffice to warn you.

    You can also customize the game by downloading skins or scrapping together your own, like I've done:

    lol screenshot

    If none of that really interests you, osu! is useful as sort of a mouse accuracy training game--you'll see some Counter-Strike/Quake/League of Legends/etc. players playing osu! in their spare time to work on their accuracy. The game really does get difficult once you get to faster/more complicated beatmaps.

    My ID in game is BFCE if you want to add me and play multiplayer whenever. I know @Jon, @Manu, and @Thunderbro play a lot, so feel free to add them too.


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    Are you still going? If you are I'd like to join, I'm gonna say right now I'm pretty bad.

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    I actually just kind of made the thread on the fly. I might be able to play later tonight though.

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    So it's like a cross between DJ Max Technika and the Project Diva series huh...

    My God, that notechart looks ridiculously difficult.

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    So I actually recorded this awhile ago.

    The mapset actually has 3 harder difficulties than this one. In comparison this map is really easy compared to its harder counterparts. Fun map though, and I'm happy that I managed to full combo it considering the length of the song.

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    I love osu. Here's a video of me playing MELT a while back.

    My spinners and accuracy are pretty terrible though because I'm left-handed using a right-handed keyboard/mouse setup. :(

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    If only I could get a full combo or something worthy of being recorded. I can pass harder songs but my accuracy is terrible, haha.

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    Is there a strategy to do those spinners with your mouse? I end up doing too big of a circle when I try to do them.

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    I find I spin much faster if I spin in really small circles. It might take some practice depending on your sensitivity, since the higher your sensitivity is the bigger you have to spin.

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    I'm wondering whether or not you have pointer precision on or not. I could barely do spinners at all until I turned pointer precision off.

    To anyone who is using a mouse I suggest turning it off while playing Osu.

    It's very hard to be accurate on hard and insane songs when you have pointer precision on because your cursor will constantly change the speed it's moving at, and apparently the cursor won't always even move the same distance even if you move the mouse in the same exact way, so it makes it difficult to predict where your cursor will end up. It doesn't matter as much when you're doing Easy and Normal difficulty beatmaps, but it makes a bigger impact on harder maps.

    Of course, since this effects all of windows, if you want the mouse acceleration back after playing you would have to recheck the item. If you decide to play osu a lot, but still want the mouse acceleration outside of the game, it would be advisable to make a desktop shortcut to your mouse settings.

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    I recently started to play this game thanks to watching my friend -whos pretty good at it- Its very fun so far. Im currently doing hard mode songs. I can only hope to get better <3

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    I'm very surprised there was no thread yet o_o
    I do play, but I'm pretty bad. It's still very fun though c:
    Oh, and my IGN's the same as my forum handle.



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