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  1. Default Possible Official English Translation of "Shin Sekai Yori" Novel

    I would like to first apologise for the near-advertorial tone of this post, because I couldn't think of any other way to phrase it.

    It's also not centered because centering tends to result in funky shapes for individual paragraphs, and I don't want that here.

    Now that that's out of the way:

    Publisher Vertical Inc. is interested in translating and publishing sci-fi psychological epic 新世界より ("From the New World"), which some people might realise received an anime adaptation which ended its 25 episode run recently. Despite their interest however, the fact that it's comprised of 3 really thick volumes totalling around a thousand pages is making them thinking twice about translating it for fear of making a loss.

    This is where Southperrians can come in!

    First, share this wonderful news on Facebook and Twitter and whatnot to spread the word. Or just tell your pals IRL.

    Second, show Vertical Inc. some support to reassure them that there's an audience for the book! You'll need a Tumblr account to do this: head over to this site and "like" that particular post (press the heart icon near the top right). Vertical Inc. wants at least 4500 "likes" from US/Canada/UK citizens who wouldn't mind paying USD25.00 for all 3 volumes (they're at a little over a thousand likes right now).

    As for me? I can't help "like"-wise since I live in Singapore, but I'll be buying クリムゾンの迷宮 ("The Crimson Labyrinth"; Kishi Yusuke's previous work) to support the author, and I'll definitely buy all 3 volumes of 新世界より in one fell swoop if they get translated, however expensive they may be.

  2. Default Re: Possible Official English Translation of "Shin Sekai Yori" Novel

    The show was largely popular outside of Japan (currently scoring 8.33 from 13k votes on MAL). Meanwhile, in Japan I believe the BluRay volumes are averaging ~500 sales each. i.e. a complete flop.

    I believe the novels have sold quite well with the interest generated from the anime, but I can't find a statistic anywhere other than someone throwing the number 500k around.

  3. Default Re: Possible Official English Translation of "Shin Sekai Yori" Novel

    That's odd. Perhaps that illustrates the difference in...tastes between the Japanese and non-Japanese?

    But in any case, I figured that no matter popular a work is, if no one knows about an endeavour that requires participation (for lack of a better word) from consumers, then the endeavour would never come to fruition.



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