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  1. Default DCing in Aswan as a Marksman

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    I am trying to Aswan (Azwan) on my Marksman, when I suddenly DC. This happens 5 or so times in a row before I get fed up with it.

    I am not quite sure what the problem is with this one. At first I thought it was puppet, so I removed puppet. Nope, still DCed. I decided to record me dcing, and I can get visual proof of me DCing with puppet, but not without.

    Any other MM's know what is going on?

    Videos of problem

    I believed that this was being caused by dying midair, so I tried dying on purpose from the graves, nada.

    (Also, in Video 2 I shot my Snipe on accident due to my mechanical keyboard)

  2. Default Re: DCing in Aswan as a Marksman

    Both cases were caused by puppet. Guaranteed. Don't use puppet at all in Aswan. Something with the fixed damage from the tower being reduced by elite puppet causes the game to crash.

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    Default Re: DCing in Aswan as a Marksman

    Looks like the same thing that had been happening with me. Whenever I get hit by those statues I usually dc. If the ohko move doesn't do it, my up bar stops decreasing when I get hit and I dc.

    If puppet is really all that is causing this then I am both very happy and sad.



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