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    Wih the new cash shop specials I was wondering if I can have this combination to scroll an item:

    a: Sheild Scroll ( protects slot )
    b: lucky day
    C: protection scroll
    Can I have all these together on an item

    In addition I would like to know if the perfect innocence scroll will return my item back to the same stats I bought it, cause I think my staff was 2 above avg.

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    Default Re: Scrolling question

    I'm sure you can have the lucky day and protection scroll on an item. Not sure about the Shield scroll, but I don't see why not.

    And innocence scrolls return your item to average stats. So it won't be overaverage anymore.

  3. Default Re: Scrolling question

    They all stack.

  4. Default Re: Scrolling question

    Does the +10% scroll success rate from diligence stack on top of lucky day scroll?

  5. Default Re: Scrolling question

    There's no way to prove it does, and i haven't seen any proof that it doesn't (which would be video of an 80-89% scroll failing - not sure these exist, either)

    My inclination is that trait effects are only working sporadically anyway, I wouldn't count on them helping.

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    Default Re: Scrolling question

    I believe that it does, but like Stereo I don't have any actual proof.



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