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  1. Default Question regarding familars

    I have a Big Spider Familiar with only 1 orb.

    I have a few questions regarding this.

    1) If I get more orbs, do I get a higher drop rate?

    2) Are there any other familars that give a higher drop rate than Big Spiders?

    3) Pretend I'm soloing a boss like Zakum for instance. I use a Jr. Boogie for healing at first. Then when the 3rd (last) Zakum body is almost dead, I switch to Big Spider. Does the drop rate actually still increase or stay the same. Basically, does Big Spider have to be summoned BEFORE you attack the monster OR do I still get a higher drop rate from it regardless of when I summoned it as long as I summoned it while it was alive?

    Thanks in advance for this :)

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    1) No. Just how long the familiar can stay around.
    2) Yes, I believe Mutant Pigs are one.
    3) Probably. I doubt it calculates drops or drop rates on the first hit. That's storing data for no reason. Then again, this is Nexon. I don't think anyone can answer this completely. My logic says no, and that drops are calculated during death. That's how I'd do it, but what do I know?

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    1. No, just the duration.
    2. Mutant Ribbon Pig is actually the same as Big Spider. Wolf Underling, however, is 2x drop, compared to Spider and Pig which are 1.6x.
    3. It doesn't HAVE to be summoned before attacking the monster. The boss could have 1 HP left and you could summon the spider for the droprate increase. Just make sure the little icon appears on the top right first.

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    Sorry for hijacking your thread Anon, but no point in making another thread just for this question.

    @PirateIzzy; What event did the Wolf come from?

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    Those booster packs in the cash shop, probably. It might also be possible to hunt for them on an Aran with that quest that takes you to a map with those mobs(not sure what level, but over +120 at least). Just get the quest and never complete it till you get it.

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    I think a few SP-ians have tried looking for it to no avail. @Mazz; being one of them if memory serves me right

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    I was told that pigs are the same as spiders except higher level + harder to get. As for the drops, I hope they're actually simulated upon death not the start of attack because this would be useful for Empress, Pink Bean, HT, etc.
    Wait what where do we even get this? besides booster packs? Also, is it fully confirmed that the drop will similate upon death or when you start attacking? Just quite curious on this.

    What do you mean by "Sp-ians"
    Really? Only Arans can get them? Do they spawn easily though?

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    People who browse Southperry. Southperrians.

  9. Default Re: Question regarding familars

    That's possible. In JMS, there's familiar potential instead of card bonuses now, so all of those specific buffs to each card were removed unless you had the card prior to the change. As a result I don't remember exactly the rates of each familiar, GMS players would be more knowledgeable than me in that department.

    As for the drop rate thing; I honestly do not think there is any way to know with 100% certainty that drops are calculated upon death of a monster, especially when they like to change mechanics every other day. However, I think it would be pretty retarded to have it any other way.

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    Even though having more orbs doesn't effect the drop rate, I think it's a good idea to stock up in them and max them out!

    Different familiar related question: Does the Drop Rate STACK with ongoing events, cards, etc?

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    Drop buffs (use type pots) that have an icon will be overwritten by familiar drop buff. For instance, easter egg 2x drop buff will be canceled by mutant pig/big spider/wolf underling/castellian. Rest of the stuff that doesn't show up in the same way should stack fine, however that doesn't guarantee you anything for boss runs. Don't expect 8x drop to make Empress drop 12 weapons for you, and don't expect 8x drop to make HT drop 2 htps + 2 eggs for you either. With how low rates can be even if you raised the rate 10 times, 0.001% chance won't improve enough to give you a noticeable difference (exaggerated rates somewhat).

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    Yeah, I spent a long time (about 8 hours total I think) on between 4 and 8x drop hunting and didn't get a single one. I figured they didn't drop and only came from the booster packs.

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    I was told that they do stack with everything except family buffs right.

  14. Default Re: Question regarding familars

    I'd believe that if Scarred Bear in the Aran questline didn't drop their Familiar and Wolf Underling is what, Level 150? I've looked for similarly high-leveled cards for hours without success, besides we shouldn't discourage people from finding one they might want to sell to someone in the FM.



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