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    Assuming that mining is the only decent way to level up willpower, what's the most cost effective (short of mining your own ore) and time effective method for grinding willpower? Also, about how much would it cost and how long would it take to go from 0 to 100?

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    The same thread you made a old post on pretty much sums up a lot already . Other than that, check the personality trait thread in game mechanics section. I mix and match what I do, but I am really lazy to do pqs for the traits. Anyways, if you really want to take advantage of most cost efficient routes, rack up about say 480 ish willpower on daily amount then do 1 JQ set for the day, in my case I did John's flower basket quests (which were really easy for me, even though I might not be the best jumper around ever). Just get one jump quest done once a day for each day you fill up about 480 willpower. I still mostly do mining of course because it takes too long for it to lvl up on its own. Use the midnight fatigue resets to your advantage too.

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    That's interesting. I wasn't aware that those old jump quests were still in the game; much less that they gave willpower. Are you saying that john's flower basket gives 480 willpower? Or that combined with a day of afk'ing it gives 480 so that it'd give 240?

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    Those are quest willpower rewards, just like the way some quests give you empathy and other traits. I say to get about 480 because you want to reach the highest possible stat before you reach the 500 daily limit. PQs still give you willpower and he quest rewards apply to the daily limits, but that doesn't mean you can't use this to your advantage and get a big boost before you reach the limit. For instance, the 3rd john's flower basket quest gives you 600 willpower exp (yes its truly 600 and will go over that 500 limit if you didn't reach it already), if you stack it on top of the 480 you'd have 1080 exp which covers some lvls if not a nice amount of exp that mining already gives you. Money saved, exp earned, fatigue recovered in process while you're doing those things. Please review the personality traits thread, there's an entire list of what gives what there.

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    I tend to afk for days on end and as long as I don't dc, it racks up quite a bit of willpower

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    The dojo numbers are definitely off since it hasn't been updated since normal got changed to 10 rounds and hard got changed to 20. Regardless, all of them seem to give a laughable amount considering you can only do dojo 3 times a day total. None of those flower basket quests are repeatable, right? I already did the first two today, but I held off on the last one because of my willpower daily limit. I guess I'll try that one tomorrow night.

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    Ranked dojo doesn't increase your dojo count. So you can do that an infinite number of times.

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    Not enough for my taste, I get my stuff done in 1-2weeks minimum, any longer and I would lack patience for it lol. I rack up generally speaking say 15-20k+ willpower exp in just 1 day mining for hrs haha. It doesn't help that it counts towards daily limit too.

    If you don't feel like doing PQs, then dojo is a good start for the TS. Count how much WP u get per run then try and get as close to 500 but not 500 WP and max it off with 1 of those quests. John's flower basket isn't the only quest, if you got time on you you can do that ancient magic book quest or the sabitama JQ (sabitama was harder for me though).



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