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  1. Default Maxing out Diligence

    I'm trying to do this efficiently, but without much effort.

    I did about a quarter of the way there today (maxed smithing 7 times, mining once, had 30 or 31 Diligence, now at nearly 50. Calculated it'd take 31.25 times maxing it when I started.) for ~30mil, consumed slightly more Super Moo than I'd expected (5 more, didn't account for crafting all the opals) - used 180 Super Moos.

    My current process is
    1.Buy 300 opal ore + 150 basic molds
    2. Craft as many as will max the current mining level (or 150 in one shot) until they're all opals.
    3. Make 1 less set of arrows than maxed the level last time.
    4. If dilligence's bonus kicks in, I'm done. If not, make the last one.
    5. Level up, go back to 3, until at level 10.
    6. Start over.

    Mixed in of course are dropping the arrows, and using up Super Moos.

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    Default Re: Maxing out Diligence

    Is it worth the money though? If so, I'd probably do this as well.

  3. Default Re: Maxing out Diligence

    Are you in a rush to max it? I've been doing my Willpower but without the Fatigue pots. It takes longer but I'm not in a rush so I don't mind the wait. Since you don't have to be online at :00 anymore for -20 Fatigue (works offline now!), I always get to 200 Fatigue before 12 AM PST. By the time I usually get back on, it's all down to 0 again and it's still within the same day.

    I've probably only spent ~10m tops on all the ores and molds getting to (currently) level 83 Willpower.It really does help cut down costs imo.

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    Kinda a hurry, planning to take advantage of the shielding scroll sale on Monday, and +10% scroll success means 2/3 as many 20% scrolls used.

    So really, ~130m to save 25k NX makes sense.

    Also, 29 is as far as I got taking it one day at a time. It's a bother to log on a couple times a day just to do that.

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    Sorry not to answer your question to ask one of my own, but.

    Is there a list anywhere on SP on the fastest possible way to max out each trait? (Discounting Charm)

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    PQs in general, but in terms of Ambition you can go over the 500 cap by getting as close to 500 as possible and defeating the most difficult boss you know of (Zakum gives 250 for example, so if you got to 499 that's 249 extra for the day). If money's no objection you can basically max out Willpower, Empathy and Diligence simply by following the method above (Getting to level 10, un-learning and re-doing it all over again; the bonus gained from levelling a profession isn't affected by the cap).

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    I guess you can use the 20Data%20Collection%20[WiP] to find the best ways but for my own experience is more or less like this:

    Ambition: Kill area bosses until your daily trait is close to 500 and then kill a major boss that give ambition in huge chunks (Arkarium, Pink Bean, Von Leon)
    Empathy: Leveling herbalism to 10, realarning it and repeat
    Insight: Mining is probably the best way to reach the daily quota but you can hoblin pq as an alternative.
    Willpower: Leaveling mining to 10, realarning it and repeat, also Escape PQ or DRPQ for the daily quota.
    Dilligence: Leveling smithing or accesory crafting to 10, realarning it and repeat

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    When I maxed diligence I just smelted ore on a separate character and crafted arrows from blacksmithing 1 to blacksmithing 10 and repeated every time I maxed out. I'm not sure if it's the most efficient or not but it seemed like it was the easiest way to do it.

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    Hasn't it always been like that since Chaos?

    Zakum gives Ambition per arm ever since Justice. I think it was 10 Ambition per arm and the body gives nothing, same with Horntail.
    You're essentially left with Pink Bean, Von Leon, or Akyrum/Arkarium as bossing options to go over the 500 cap. If you're too weak for that (like me), you can settle for Spiegelmann moustaches. Monster Park coins are easy to farm and it gives 100 Ambition.

    When I did this method, I mass crafted the Opals and then worked on the Arrows; end result will be the same, of course. The only thing is that the time to craft all the Opals adds up, but you can probably make it to level 100 before Monday.

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    NEXON Yeah, I'll probably go for MP instead since I want to max out Charm for my Phantom as well and it'll be some time before I can even think of a duo Von Leon (Cubing card and finding a Spectrum). Thanks for the heads-up though, seems like I need to brush up on my knowledge.

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    It was pretty recent (one or two patches ago) actually. I've used the 200 Fatigue daily since 3 or 4 months ago and it never did it until now. It was a huge pain to make sure my main was on every :00.

    Wrong info.
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    Really? Cause I maxed my Diligence about half a year ago now and I clearly remember my routine as:

    1. Maxing out Fatigue at 12:00 AM PST, log off, go sleep.
    2. Wake up, log on, and my Fatigue would go down by -20 x number of x:00's that passed since 12:00 AM.
    3. Max out Fatigue to 200 again, log off, go to classes/yadda-yadda-yadda-blah-blah-bleh.
    4. Log on and it would go down again by -20 x number of x:00's that passed since I maxed my Fatigue in step 3.
    5. Craft with Super Moos and whatever till 11:59 PM PST.
    6. Refer back to step 1.

    I was able to log on whenever and my Fatigue would decrease accordingly.

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    No it's been like that for a long time. When I powerlevel'd Willpower on my DS, during February, it followed the "-20 x number of x:00" formula.

  14. Default Re: Maxing out Diligence

    Ok. I always did willpower powerleveling at a specific time each day so no wonder I never noticed

    Thanks. Fixing previous post to clear up confusion.

    Nope. I was wrong then. I always maxed out fatigue around ~6:30 PM PST, logged or afk'ed within the hour, and only checked my fatigue level at 12:00 AM PST again but not do willpower and procrastinate it until 6:30 PST again.

    Yours is correct and explains it. I'm such a derp.

    OT: Seems like you're in Bera. I saved a lot of my opals on mules. If you want them, whisper me in-game (< info) or lemme know. I have a lot that I don't mind giving away.
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