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  1. Default Does anyone play FPSes on SP?


    I've only been playing shooty games over winter break and it's getting really boring because:

    1. I don't have anyone to play with
    2. S4, the only game I enjoy while playing solo, has the most unreliable servers ever

    If ANYONE AT ALL plays PC FPSes often, please for god's sake tell us all here because I'm tired of playing alone.

    As for me personally, I'm open to play any free FPS, plus both CS:GO and CS:S though I don't play those often.


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    Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    CS:GO and TF2 is mostly what fps i play when I have time.

  3. Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    I wouldn't mind playing TF2... I haven't played much, though.
    If you like Dota2 it would be great too :D even if it's not a fps.

  4. Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    CoD: Black Ops 2 on PS3. =D

    I play Blacklight Retribution on Steam sometimes. It's free.

  5. Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    I play Firefall, an open world free2play shooter. It has great potential and an open-minded developer team.
    I have one beta key left, so if you're interested let me know.

  6. Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    Oh... oh god, I applied for that beta the first day. Still haven't gotten in.

  7. Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    I've been interested in that game from the beginning! The prospect of Red5 developing with esports in mind is exciting. I don't know if I'll really be able to use that beta key though, so you're probably better off saving it.

    Everyone else, if you guys want to play TF2 or CS:GO sometime, I'm down. Just add me on Steam and message me whenever I'm on.

    I've had nothing but endless technical difficulties with that game since the beta. Still can't play 100% of the time; half the time maps/servers won't load. Are there any fixes to that?

  8. Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    No idea. Always worked fine for me.

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    Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    Well, thanks for introducing me to Firefall. Looks fun.

  10. Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    I remember hearing about Firefall in the past, but I don't remember signing up for Beta. So I tried....turns out I did back in 2010...and got a Beta key back in August. Now I'm sitting here wondering why I haven't tried it yet by now.

    As for the OP: I still play UT3 once in a while, or UT2004 if that's what someone prefers, I'm okay with either. I'm not a fan with most shooters though, like CoD, CS, or anything like that. UT is different though, so I'd be fine with playing that if people ever wanted to do that. I also play TF2 occasionally, but not nearly as much as I used to.

  11. Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    If you played UT a lot you should give Quake a try; they're a bit different but it doesn't take a whole lot of getting used to. I think I'm signed up for Quake Live.

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    Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    Since you apparently get 5 beta keys, mind giving me one ?.

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    Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    I play Planetside 2 a bit. I need to reformat my computer to play Hawken which i got into the Beta for. Both really great games, i definitely recommend both of them, especially Hawken though.

    I'll look into Firefall, looks pretty cool =D

    Signed up for the Beta, lets see if i get a Beta Key.

  14. Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    I have 6, apparently.


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    Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    only FPS i really got into was the DS metroid prime.

    i should check that mech game that was posted here a whiles ago though.

  16. Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    Hell, if a lot of us from SP are gonna play Firefall, I might try to get a beta key for myself.

    Who's down for an organized SP TF2/Quake/Cube game in the next few days?

  17. Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    Firefall has been in closed beta for almost a year I think. It'll remain in closed beta until the developers think that the game is ready and then they'll just remove the beta tag. Their invitation system is like the way Gmail did it.
    There is a lot of important features missing and content that needs to be polished in both PvE and PvP. Before the devs went on their holiday break, they released a patch that increased the tier constraint system limits. If you craft an ability or equip, it will tell you how much CPU, Power and Capacity it consumes. So they increased it with a lot allowing players to test out all types of equipment while they fix the constraints system and separate PvP from PvE gear.

    PvE is limited in my opinion. If you see official Firefall trailers, you will see a lot of scripted content. However there are dynamic events such as Chosen, Melding Twisters, Crashed LGVs, Crashed Thumpers and missions you can complete. In the beginning you will most likely create a squad with friends or strangers to collect resources. This can be done through a Thumper. A Thumper is basically a machine that you call down and once it falls to the ground, it will start to drill and collect resources. But when it is drilling it will make a noise and the creatures in the world of Firefall can't stand the noise of Thumpers so your duty is to protect the Thumper from destroying.

    They're working on it and polishing content. There are a variety of monsters and bosses out there, even one that requires team work. You can explore and have fun with your jetpack. There are achievements in the game. A lot of content needs to be polished, like crafting. Red5 said they're working on an UI/crafting/profession revamp.
    Firefall has staged content (see video for an elaborate explanation) which means that players need to work together to unlock a piece of an area. Once it is unlocked it is accessible for everyone.

    Army (guild) feature is coming soon, trading isn't there yet but will come in the near future, open world PvP is expected to come in the second quarter of 2013. In Q1 they will start with the episodic campaign. By the way, Firefall is not a quest-driven game.
    The community is nice in Firefall and the developers really listen to your feedback, they have a devtracker on their forums. The completely erased the leveling system (there was originally a level up system) and replaced it with tiers because of the feedback of the players.

    There are four battleframes (classes): Assault, Biotech, Engineer, Dreadnaught and the Recon.
    Biotech used to be the Medic, but the combination of the Medic and Dreadnaught was too powerful in PvP since it relied on the healing of the Medic. So Red5 made it sort of an attacking frame with healing abilities. A good choice by the way.

    I play PvP mostly. It's crazy right now with the changed constraint system and imbalances but its doable.
    Red5 is really into eSports so they are going to make eSports pvp maps. The game is a skill based shooter.
    Currently there is Team Death Match (4 maps), Sabotage and Harvester. The last two are objective based modes.

    Since it is free2play there is a cash shop in the game. Prices right now subject to change, some items cost absurdly high but its to collect data. They said they won't make this a pay2win game, so no weapons and all that stuff. Only cosmetic and convenience items.


    I'm having fun with this game.

    EDIT: They are releasing the game this year making it accessible for everyone. I'm guessing in the summer.
    I have one beta key left. If you give me your e-mail address, I'll send you it.

  18. Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    I enjoyed it when I tried it out myself earlier. There are definitely things that need to be improved, but considering how Red 5 is listening to the players I don't see most of those things taking a long time.

    I'm happy that Spadow mentioned that they're going to be doing a UI revamp, because right now it's horrible. I have a lot of issues navigating just about everything. Plus, the tutorial broke on me so I've had to figure out just about everything by trial and error.

    The community is definitely nice, at least so far. There's no spam of stupidity in Zone chat, and there's mostly helpful players at just about any time. I joined a random group of people and we did stuff for about 3-4 hours, and one of the guys who seems to have been playing for a while described a lot of the mechanics for me, which was a huge help. The game definitely has a lot of potential, and I intend to become a founder at some point to support the game because it's enjoyable, even for someone like me who's not a fan of PvP at all. There's decent PvE content, and although it's definitely not fleshed out at this point, there is huge potential, and what's there now is fun.

    I still have 5 invites myself. I might be inviting a personal friend or two, though, so let's say I have 3 for now. If anyone wants an invite, let me know as well, I'll be happy to give one out.

  19. Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    Damn. That game looks beautiful. I'd ask for an invite, if I knew my PC could run it.

  20. Default Re: Does anyone play FPSes on SP?

    They are still optimizing the game. But these are the system requirements so far.



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