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Thread: Event stamps?

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    Default Event stamps?

    How do people have enough stamps to get a positive chaos? I've only got two stamps; one for the 100 coins, and another for 5 days of the artifact hunting? (They're listed as Charity:Water and Evan/Aran Level Up, respectively)

    What are the other ones?

  2. Default Re: Event stamps?

    Old events, like Knights of Virtue, 3!3!3! or whatever we called it, Iceboxes, and perhaps, some people still have stamps saved from the Golden Pig event, though I'm pretty sure they were all wiped.

  3. Default Re: Event stamps?

    We might get another stamp during the halloween patch. If we get the same event as kms (ctrl+f event stamp):

  4. Default Re: Event stamps?

    I had a bowman revamp stamp on the first day ,but I don't know where its from.

  5. Default Re: Event stamps?

    The descriptions are glitched. I think they swapped somehow, but anyway, I managed to get 5 stamps so far. If they release 2 more, I'm getting the reward after the scroll. That is, a NX hat. Some sort of crown.

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    Default Re: Event stamps?

    i have over 300 coins but never got the stupid stamp for it its soooo glitchy

  7. Default Re: Event stamps?

    Open event tab
    look at the left side for a very tiny orange box
    thats the event that would give a stamp

    its easy to miss

    for some reason my "first" stamp was just "participating" in 1 event

  8. Default Re: Event stamps?

    Which events did those stamps come from? There has only been two events that give stamps since the card was wiped.

  9. Water
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    Default Re: Event stamps?

    It seems the stamps are mislabeled, I got a warrior revamp stamp on my mikhail, which shouldnt even be possible.

  10. Default Re: Event stamps?

    The one labeled as the revamp stamp is actually the Homecoming stamp, I'm pretty sure. The one you get for earning 100 coins.

  11. Default Re: Event stamps?

    Not everyone’s card got wiped. One of my characters didn't. If I complete the artifact event on it I’ll have 5 stamps too.

  12. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Event stamps?

    Not for me. Homecoming is labeled as Charity: Water.
    Artifact hunt is labeled as Aran/Evan Level Up (what?)
    And I have an old event labeled as Bowman Revamp, not sure which one that was. Senility sucks.

  13. Default Re: Event stamps?

    It's one of the oddities of Maple quest items.

    If item has a quest, and you're not doing it, it drops but you can't see it.
    If item has no quest, or it has an active quest, it drops and you see it.

    As long as it's in the mob's drop tables, it will randomly be selected to drop.

    So when we get new mobs from KMS, but not the associated events that were running at the time, they'll drop event items.



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