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  1. Cash0 MapleSEA Justice Event?

    Looking at this video... MapleSEA really cross the line... don't they have any better events then cash and as lame as this? Players would be mistaken that this was the original video... epic fail

  2. Default Re: MapleSEA Justice Event?

    They should've copied ours. And the vlnversations make no sense and do not talk about the important parts.

  3. Default Re: MapleSEA Justice Event?

    I don't know about you all but while the prize isn't all that good some of us are just happy that this isn't yet another cash event. Plus, I'd take anything funnier than 'Maybe Asiasoft will listen to us this time!'.

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    Default Re: MapleSEA Justice Event?

    Aren't they at least going to subtitle the video?

  5. Default Re: MapleSEA Justice Event?

    The prizes sucks... just two weapons, like we can' get those from Pink Bean? At least give more attractive prizes. I don't even know what is MSEA trying to prove now. Are they trying to prove their population is dropping or their prizes are getting more and more useless...



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