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    okay, so i'm running on windows 7, 64-bit.

    ever since forever, i swear my adobe flash player has been messing with me.
    i'll install it since certain programs need it to function, however, after installation, other programs will say that adobe flash has not been installed, and needs to be installed in order to view the content.
    i'm not sure what's actually wrong, but it seems a bit buggy in a way?

    it seems like it's never fully installed, and yeah i'm just unsure of what's wrong.

    anyone know why?

    i've tried uninstalling/re-installing, with no avail. ;-;

    thanks in advance.

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    What browser are you using? Google Chrome comes with Flash within the browser.

    What I would suggest to fix this issue is to just uninstall all copies of it, and reinstall the most recent version.

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    1. Download Adobe's Flash uninstaller and run it

    2. Download CCleaner and run it (Right top -> download latest version)
    2.1 Click Registry -> Scan for issue's -> Fix selected issue's
    2.2 Repeat step 2.1 a few times till scanning for issue's doesn't report new issue's anymore

    3. Reboot system

    4. Download the latest Flash Player

    5. After instalation reboot system again

    That should do it. If not, then I'm out of idea's... :o

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    thank you for both of your replies.

    i'm using firefox, and yeah i've tried uninstalling all copies of it then the most recent version, but it never seems to fully work.

    thanks for your suggestion, i tried this too, but it also never seems to fully install.

    like for example, i'd finish installing everything, i'd reboot my laptop, and then skype will sign in automatically.
    i've got a program called 'Messenger Plus for Skype!' installed, and after starting up my laptop and signing into skype,
    the program will come up with a pop-up and say something like 'Adobe Flash Player is missing, please install this to get the full experience' etc.
    or sometimes, i will click on the Skype Home tab, and a part of it will say 'To watch the video, download Adobe Flash Player.' but the thing is .. i've JUST downloaded it, so how come some programs aren't aware of it?

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    Use internet explorer to go to to get the flash player. Different browser uses different versions of flash plugin. Skype is a Microsoft product so most likely has IE integrated.



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