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    I'm trying to get a faster time in the Dojo but I'm not sure how. All of my attacks hit max and I have 72% critical (82 with Judgement), the fastest I've ever managed was 10:41, how on earth do people manage 8 minutes? I noticed that all of the bosses spawn at the same second (i.e. 06 > 16 > 26) and lagging through a portal screws it up and makes me wait an extra 10 seconds for spawn. Do I just have to pray that I don't lag? Is there any way to time the spawns at the rest stage?

    Trying to get Hero's Gloves, I could have easily done it today if I didn't have to wait for the things to spawn so much. :|

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    Sometimes bosses spawn within 5 seconds instead of 10.

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    Well, knowing Noir only activates on crits, you need to get to 100% to have maximum hits/sec.

    Cube/neb/circulator/whatever for more crit, and for what you lose by making space for crit bonuses you'll just have to make up for with more %luk, att, etc on other items..

    People manage 8 minutes because they're Mercedes, and they'll have more hits/sec than you no matter what you do, sorry. For the gloves, you'll just have to hope they don't run the same day you do..

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    Watch your MP regen, some sources use the same clock as the boss respawns so when your MP goes up that amount, it's the time a boss would spawn. I'm not sure the ideal time difference - around 5-7 seconds after that, probably - to try to get into the stage.

    Obvious: Stand on the portal so you can just go to the next one. Easier for classes with long ranged attacks and FJs that work inside the dojo.

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    The people consistently getting 8 minutes and under are either mercs or hacking, almost always. Phantoms are basically capped to around 9 minutes (lowest MAYBE 8:40) and can't go faster than that. As we've seen from iathas, mercs have the potential to be much faster but can't get very far under 8 minutes.

    Amazing times require some luck with the location of the spawning on some stages. Also you'll have to get your crit up as high as possible for maximum hits/sec - decent SE helps, since you will be using Rapid Fire in dojo. Use Dispel instead of combo in case you get darkness/locked. Hero's Will for Lyka/Mu Gong seduce helps immensely as well.



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