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  1. Default Is it actually permanent?

    I'm tempted into buying the silver husky package....that comes with the awesome attack equip. But... one thing has me confused.

    See, this one just says 11,000 NX...

    But this one...

    This one says 11,900 NX / 90 Days. Which has me worried. Which one to go with.... urgghhh....

  2. Default Re: Is it actually permanent?

    I think what it means is that the package will disappear if you don't open in 90 days. Why don't you check Pink Yeti Package if it's the same?

  3. Default Re: Is it actually permanent?

    Oh wow I'm stupid. I just realized that I was clicking the wrong thing anyways. The yeti PACKAGE says the exact same thing. You're probably right though.

  4. Default Re: Is it actually permanent?

    He is. My demon pet package said the same thing.



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