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    Did nexon fix the renegade gems drops? I bought a crystal scale on my lvl 84 Wind Archer and was wondering if they fixed the drop or they only drop on rav temple?

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    As far as I know, No. The only place i've found them at is being sold by the Potion merchant on the Lumiere for Phantoms.

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    They are also sold in the general store in Leafre.

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    I found them at the Edelstein potion merchant. Also they drop from Golden Temple mobs.

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    Next time you should find the etc item first before buying the nx key.

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    Just buy it from some specific potion shops. The one in Elluel has some as well. :]

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    Can you please explain why you bought the scale before you had the gem? it does not make logical sense to me. And like others have said, GT is the only place that drops it, but some merchants sell them.



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