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  1. Default A "Harder" sort of server.

    Before I begin, I should note that I literally have not touched anything Maplestory related since sometime around the beginning of the Big Bang Patch (quit shortly after because of those Cubes), so I am writing this based on my knowledge from the older Maple. Despite me quitting and all, I love Maplestory and it will forever reside in my heart. I, however, do not miss Nexon.

    So anyway, I was thinking on one of my many walks home one day, "wouldn't it be cool if Nexon rolled out a server where any and all purchaseable NX benefits were absent from the Cash Shop?" This includes items like:

    -Miracle Cubes
    -Teleport Rocks
    -Hired Merchants
    -Scissors of Karma
    -Vicious Hammer
    -EDIT: Safety Sharms (How did I forget these? They were a huge deal back then.)
    -Gachapon Tickets
    -Vega Scroll/Pam's Song, etc
    -Any future Gachapon box events (if Nexon still does this. Again, I'm out of the loop.)
    -Anything else I'm forgetting or whatever Nexon has pulled lately that fits the bill of "Pay to Win"
    -EDIT:MTS service unavaiable forever.
    -EDIT:Cannot World Transfer in, but can Transfer out.

    The way I see Modern Maple, the game looks and feels way too easy. In a server where these items were absent from the cash shop, it would feel more like the old maple where bosses like Zakum and Horntail used to be hard, while still retaining the ability to unlock the potential of items, but not change them, so you basically get one chance with Potential. "Powerful items" would be harder to come by, and might increase in value. The idea here is to revive the feel of the older Maple where players didn't have to spend enormous amounts of money to get super godly equips, and instead will have to get them the "hard way". Players might prefer to spend their excess nx funds on misc cash shop items such as Clothing and other things that effect the game in no notable way, since they would now have "nothing better to spend it on".

    The items mentioned are unarguably the ones that generate the most profit for Nexon. I'm probably the only one who thinks this would be a cool idea, though. Still, anyone else have any thoughts on this? Of course, a man can dream.
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  2. Default Re: A "Harder" sort of server.

    I would love to play on a server like this.
    In fact, I bet I could rope a good half dozen or so friends to play with me.
    That's one of the reason private servers interest me (completely free to play & win).
    Private servers never are fun in the long run though. Never.

    Great idea, I truly hope Nexon does this.

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    Nope, I'd think it was cool if this were implemented... along with a free world transfer.

    Only problem would be population. It would probably be pretty sparsely populated, and the way I roll, I mostly only run into other people when I want to anyway.

    If SoKs were removed, though -- not that I can afford 'em anyway, but I don't recall so many items being untradeable this and untradeable that in the old days. Keeping that quantity of untradeable items while allowing no way to legitimately circumvent the restriction would be a pain.

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    Nexon won't do it.

    Why? It's not cost effective.

    What's the point of catering to a bunch of users that will make them virtually no income? It's easier to just keep the current servers and make harder content that requires you to cube more. Its sad but true that Nexon will never make the game completely accessable to non-nx users, but it's something you learn to accept I guess.

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    I think it's pretty clear that Nexon would never do it. As OP says, though, a person can dream :P

    Though it makes me want to think up workarounds... perhaps if they catered to the NX-fashion crowd somehow, to pique their interest in spending more NX on aesthetic items? Or sold one-way world transfers in the CS that could only move you to that server?

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    Bosses would be unbeatable due to the lack of a full potential system. People would get pissed, People would quit. No profit.

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    Its not that theres no potential system, but that cubes are nonexistant now. Basically you have to loot/fuse to get good potentials.

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    Exactly why I said full potential system. Fusing for boss damage would be extremely difficult perhaps even impossible, legendary is out of the question. Imagine attempting a pink bean or empress run without boss damage and decent %stats. I don't think you could even legitly reach V2s..

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    Maybe in the harder server they could make potentials easier to come by. And make Legendary obtainable on drop/fusing.

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    That doesn't sound harder.

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    Its harder than throwing money at the screen and cubing your equips.

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    Pink Bean was beat with a 199,999 cap in place. It's entirely possible.

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    Hypothetically this would be great for the consumer and would have no issue playing.

  14. Default Re: A "Harder" sort of server.


    Now, back in my day, (insert whole thread here). Thatís sort of why this whole thing popped into my head in the first place. And despite whatís been discussed, I would throw a lot of money at the screen for clothes and flashy ring effects like I used to :P (but then again, thatís just me).

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    Maybe let you select a difficulty that affects the HP/Exp of monsters?

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    Yeah, I know. I feel like the amount of NX people spend on things like Surprise Style and royal coupons is already considerable?? Business folks always want more, though.

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    To be honest I wish they'd release an app that didn't have NX, or a profit at all, just to enjoy the game for the story. I'd pay $5 for that at the very least.



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