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  1. Default A memorial project.

    For the piece of me that died on the last two weeks without decent sleep. :(

    This is the last project, that was worth 70% of the whole semester's score. It was supposed to be a project that was related to nature, that had a river on it and that could make people feel better, that would make them relax, meditate, etc. There's a goddamn concept involved on this that took me half an hour to explain, so i'll just leave the pictures here. :S

    The materials used are pretty simple, different types of paper, acrylic paint and sawdust (painted, then after getting dry, i applied small pieces one by one using tweezers). :)
    Hope you like it! :> (There are many other pictures, but i'll just post the most important ones because the others are from abandoned projects of this structure).

    The whole thing has like 12x12 inches. So you can have an idea of how small some details are, the human structure had like 3 or 4mm. :S


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    Default Re: A memorial project.

    Damn! Came out good!

  3. Default Re: A memorial project.

    Oh, heaven and earth, it's absolutely brilliantly marvelous and beautiful.

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    Gotta ask, why the huge ass glass fence? I see that some parts it is used for something else than a fence but most of it seems like a waste (plus might cut some of the wind) or am I missing something (like a glass roof or/and a controled atmosphere)?

    BTW just to help me know how big it is, how wide are those sidewalks?

    Other than that, gotta show it to my brother because we both love architecture and models.

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    Well, as this was all about concepts, and you seem to have interest on the reason such details are there, let me post what i had to explain in the day i had to show the final thing to teachers.

    First, the main concept that teachers asked for:
    Any form of architecture that functions as a memorial, it MUST have these:

    *Must be in a forest environment, and have any water close to it.
    *Must be a portrait of time (and it's flow), and have a strong relationship with memories, and the antithesis of life and death.

    *My main concept was to portray the time, by freezing it in a part of our lives: the childhood.

    So, let me try to elaborate how this project has this relationship.

    Memories: Well, before I get to the childhood representation, It's important to think about this; one of the extra concepts was to build something that was in harmony with the environment, and I thought of that together with this portrait.

    What's the strongest thing that shows the scars of time, and can share memories from the nature? Trees. That's why they were so important in there.
    And what about humans? What's the best place to get to know a family, and see it's life, memories even when they aren't there anymore? Their home.

    A greenhouse, combines those two views of memory, and is a perfect representation of that. It also represents, at least in my view, a frozen piece of time. Because the whole environment changes, but it doesn't matter if it's raining, snowing out there, it'll always be the same inside a greenhouse; i wanted this place, or at least part of it, to represent the same, cheerful and full of life frozen past, that's why there's that hexagon on the middle part that resembles a greenhouse. :o

    I wanted this thing to work as HOME, not only for the humans, but a home focused on the whole life that surrounds this.

    *Life and death: As for life, it's a bit obvious because of everything in that, but what's more important in this part is how death is portrayed. The place itself should be a memorial, but I don't really like how some memorials are, how they're always too "dead" and sad, so I wanted to make a memorial that was "alive".

    The dead and resistant steel (or something like that, i don't know anything about materials yet) structure that is associated with that glass fence actually doesn't seem to fit, but within time, it may have a PURPOSE for nature, as plants should grow using it as support, birds would make nests in there and etc. That forms a very interesting paradox, as it's like giving birth, making a DEAD structure, in the right environment, to become ALIVE.

    I'm not portraying those as separate things, but as complementary things, I want to focus on the bond between these, not the separate concepts.

    But where's the childhood in this project?

    First, the scale. I can't give you exact values, but the sidewalks are like five meters wide, the whole thing should be like a kilometer or so, it's a huge ass thing, each hexagon is like a small park. This immense scale is what I imagined the world in the eyes of a kid, the place itself has a paradise-like look, and that's what I felt in my childhood, everything, even my house, was so much interesting, everything was a nice adventure, getting in the top of a table felt the same as getting in the top of a mountain. That's why that place is so wide and so tall, you feel lost, you feel that everything is just too big, but it doesn't bother you because you feel like you're in a calm place, a peaceful and sacred place, like the memories of the best time you had.

    That glass fence is there for a reason. It represents what I called a "watched freedom", while you feel that you CAN do everything you want, that you can explore and play in many "worlds" like your grandma's house, for example, there's ALWAYS someone watching you, you can see it, but it just feels like it doesn't hurt your freedom.

    A fence, marks and gives limits to a place, but when you add glass to that, you may see that this freedom isn't affected at all. When you're inside this place, you can walk through those "rooms", climb the stairways, hide and feel protected and isolated by that fence, it's too tall like the adults that are watching you,; you know it's there, but when you look at it, you can see what's behind it, you can see the whole world out there, although you're being watched and you have your limits, your dreams and freedom to explore the world still exist.

    That's why it's there, I gave this place a lot of my own childhood, my dreams, my mind and memories are placed and used in that environment, this is a place that I would remember of my childhood, and could relax / meditate, one of the main concepts.

    Also, this project is a part of me, although it's already done for the teachers, I still work on it, and can develop that, it CAN CHANGE with me, as I learn and attain more and more information everyday, that also reiterates what I first wanted to represent, a frozen part of my life, that may change with time, but will never be gone; this place was born from my dreams, my biggest fountain of happiness, and will be forever in there.

    This structure WILL change, it WILL get old, that fence won't be always so beautiful and delicate; my outside world and self WILL change, but inside me, there's always a place for these "childish feelings". There's nothing to do about these changes, you will grow up, get old and you can't really hide from time, but you can always, have a place for your dreams inside you, no matter how old you get to be.

    That's it. Sorry for the grammar, it came out terrible. :S
    Well, I hope I was able to answer your questions, be sure to ask about anything tho. :3
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    Default Re: A memorial project.

    Dude this is sick.

    I want to point out a couple things though. First of all, weed is illegal. Secondly, your concept is amazing and the design is amazing by itself. I really really like your approach on childhood and

    is something straight out of my mind.



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