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    Default Heroes trend revisited!

    I just remembered this yesterday, the theory suggested to us by @kimicatdemon from last year.
    Archive here

    I'm pretty sure this is where the MAPLE theory originated too.
    Also lol:
    The theory suggested that each of the Heroes had a specific theme. Mercedes was heart, Evan was Soul and Aran was Body (as far as i can remember!) which was further reinforced by Evan's logo and the symbol on Mercedes arrow in the artwork.

    Since then Phantom and Luminous have been revealed. So do you think the theory still stands?

    Is Phantom the Mind hero?
    and what would Luminous be? Balance?

  2. Default Re: Heroes trend revisited!

    Welp the M.A.P.L.E. theory came from there too.

    Aran was heart, Evan was soul, Mercedes was body, and Phantom is mind, though his was less direct than the others, as his symbol is a symbol itself. (raven ) .

    I would probably say balance/harmony sounds about right, but I would like to see some HQ artwork before saying anything for sure.

  3. Default Re: Heroes trend revisited!

    Well, Luminous is a balance of light and dark, right?

  4. Default Re: Heroes trend revisited!

    Yeah pretty much. It seems like his whole exsistance (down to some of his quest) are based on balance.

    So it looks like we got heart, soul, body, mind, and balance.

  5. Default Re: Heroes trend revisited!

    this HQ enough?

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    Default Re: Heroes trend revisited!

    Does this mean we might actually get a secret "6th" hero called Captain Planet!?

  7. Default Re: Heroes trend revisited!

    His flash jump ability should be The Great Space Coaster.

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    Default Re: Heroes trend revisited!

    ultimate skill here

  9. Default Re: Heroes trend revisited!

    Needs more 3-D.

    Naw, but after this art, yeah, it's balance.... Or harmony. Which could be the same thing in this case. But it's something along those lines.

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    Default Re: Heroes trend revisited!

    I considered spirit for Luminous. Cause i somewhat can consider them seperate from soul. As there are good and bad spirits (ghosts and all that)

    Mind Body Heart Soul and Spirit

  11. Default Re: Heroes trend revisited!

    I want a Captain Planet class! :O

    And he will be a pirate cause yeah!



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