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  1. Default Elemental Knights won't cool down properly

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    After v112 the Mercedes skill "Elemental Knights" refuses to work, even when the cooldown has ended (it keeps giving the same message as if it were on cooldown).

    Images of problem

  2. Default Re: Elemental Knights won't cool down properly

    Just tried mine and it worked.

    Summoned a new one before the first expired and waited for it to expire and then summoned, both work.

    Have you tried relogging?

  3. Default Re: Elemental Knights won't cool down properly

    I did relog, yes. It might have to do with the Character cards (Mercedes' reduces skill cooldown) causing trouble, but I don't know.

    EDIT: Maybe it happened because I logged off with the skill on cooldown (I crashed before the patch and I didn't log back on again) and before I went on my Mercedes I set up the character cards first (one of which reduces cooldown time). Maybe the skill ended up with a negative cooldown somehow?
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