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    Default Connecting to foreign Maplestory verisons through proxy

    Hey all!

    I have a quick question, that hopefully one of you could answer for me :D.

    I am trying to connect to a foreign version of Maple (TMS to be specific) but I'm having trouble finding a proxy that'll help me do just that. I've been able to download and install the game, register a beanfun account and further register a maplestory account under that. However, presumably the game requires a proxy to play if you live outside Taiwan (aka the server check message is displayed upon launching the game.)

    My question is, what are some recommended client proxys/VPNs / how do you effectively use them to connect to localized versions of certain games. (I've tried hotspotshield but I didn't really understand how to change the settings to be a proxy for taiwan as apposed to the Americas.

    I live in Canada so I've never really had to use a proxy to connect to any other maplestory versions (gMS, kMS, jMS a long time ago).

    Thanks in advance for the help ! :D

  2. Default Re: Connecting to foreign Maplestory verisons through proxy

    Point Value: Post deletion
    We do not support or condone the usage of proxies to bypass Nexon's game level IP filtering. Topics created asking for ways to achieve this will be closed and/or removed.

    Admission to using such means itself is not a crime, but explaining how, or asking how, are both illegal topics and should be avoided.

    *Note by extention this rule also covers asking for things like a KSSN or other bypasses to play a locale you are explicitly forbidden from playing.



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