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Thread: [Windia] Godly Windia Shop [NX]

  1. Default Godly Windia Shop [NX]

    Items have been shipped to Scania
    All items listed are all being sold for NX!

    250 Atk (12EE) (Legendary) (25% Nebulite) 60% Boss, 6% All Lionheart Partisan (85% Boss in total)

    257 Atk (11EE) (Legendary) 30% Boss, 12% Total Damage, 9% Att Raven Horn Baselard SOLD

    205 Atk (11EE) (Legendary) 60% Boss, 6% All Vip Bow SOLD

    (12EE) (Legendary) (1% Luk Nebulite) 24% Luk (15All/9Luk) Red Ofsa Top Male (25% Luk in total) SOLD

    (Legendary) Clean 21% All Vip Mage Shield

    Pm me if you have any questions, or simply post below!
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