Who says games don't change your perspective, how you think, and doing the most bizarre things to get the job done even better? I have to admit: LoL is the first game where I seriously got involved in PvP. Unless you count friendly SSB matches. But man oh man, it definitely has its own chapter in my own life now, unlike some previous games such as Gunbound.

Why am I writing this? Because I want to write down some of my memories before I forget them, and it also helps me analyze myself and the game.

The beginnings

Love at first sight

Can you handle this? Rocking with Ryze

Evil fun with Veigar

Welcome back, old love!

Level 30 and beyond: Good guy Riot

Introducing ranked game modes: An ugly truth

End of Season 1: Redefining my perspectives

LoL University: Revisiting my past

I'm not done with this yet. Will keep updating in the future. The real transformation happens when I start failing, somewhere at the "Level 30 and beyond" part of the story.

Working on: Welcome back, old love!