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  1. Default Mechanic Empress

    Yes, its the same mechanic I posted other day...

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Nexon, why you pineappleed up with my mechanic? I WANT DAT UNLIMITED SIEGE, DAT ONE! :(
    btw, no 100atk cap? o.O

  2. Default Re: Mechanic Empress

    Ahh, hopefully my mech can do that someday.

  3. Default Re: Mechanic Empress

    I assume they didn't finish.

    Nexon Japan fucked up Empress Cygnus with the first Union skill update patch and now the thing heals 65 times before it actually dies.

  4. Default Re: Mechanic Empress

    Hope you're filthy rich then.

  5. Default Re: Mechanic Empress

    Damn, so you'll have to wait for the DB update to kill her again.

  6. Default Re: Mechanic Empress


    I guess it's a damn good thing I've already gotten my Empress set. Prices of cape recipes are going through the roof and weapons aren't to be found in the free market anymore - people stick weapons only into the MTS. Polantaris is having a hell of a time finding a Lion Heart cape recipe. One even sold for 1.3 billion, when it was around 200m tops before the update that broke Empress. Now, instead of costing about 1.4 billion to make a cape, it'll take at least 2.7 billion, if you're lucky enough to find the materials required. =/

  7. Default Re: Mechanic Empress

    Amazing how one thing makes many others. It makes no difference to me anyways, even when she is killable, I'll never get my hands on a Partisan.

  8. Default Re: Mechanic Empress


    I remember seeing a Cape Recipe for 150m about 3 weeks ago. I asked ShiKage if it was worth it...he said he didn't know, so I didn't buy it. If only I had known, I'd have my cape by now. I have everything else.

  9. Default Re: Mechanic Empress


    I think kMS fixed this for Mechanics... I wonder if gMS... nah... nvm...

  10. Default Re: Mechanic Empress

    How does he have an Ifia familiar (the ghost NPC in LHC/LKC)?

  11. Default Re: Mechanic Empress

    It probably came from those cash shop card deck things.

    Bah. I found another ill effect from Cygnus not being defeatable now... The prices of Advanced Enhancement scrolls shot from 70m to 500m+. While there were dozens of them last month, there is hardly ever even 1 in the market now. Damn it. I wanted to enhance my knuckle. =/

  12. Default Re: Mechanic Empress

    Wow, what a pain.

  13. Default Re: Mechanic Empress

    So JMS has those too, huh? Interesting.

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    Default Re: Mechanic Empress

    yeah... they gave free boosters per account at the first hot time of their release... for 10 minutes...

    also inb4 gms gets potential familiar or jms nebulites

  15. Default Re: Mechanic Empress

    JMS tends not to implement horrible ideas from GMS.

  16. Polar Bear Gay Male
    IGN: danielcatu
    Server: yellonde
    Level: 121
    Job: Wind Archer
    Guild: Vendetta
    Farm: 765pro

    Default Re: Mechanic Empress

    meh I don't find nebulities so game breaking buff after all compared with the reg potential... and I never had a chance to try familiar potential so...

    and I haven't heard much good/original news about jms in months o-o
    so who know maybe they make their own vesion of nebulities

  17. Default Re: Mechanic Empress

    Potential is enough of a game breaking addition. All Nebulites did was make it even worse, further spreading the difference in power between free players and paying players. There's nothing good about Nebulites.

    Nexon America is the one that makes the least amount of money over all the major branches of Nexon. I wouldn't be surprised if Nebulites is simply a way to try and lessen that difference. As such, I doubt any other version would adopt such a terrible idea.

    I remember seeing threads right here on SP a few months back about the majority of people complaining that Potential itself was such a bad thing, and such a terrible idea. I'm baffled that so many people are accepting this system like it's a good idea, especially after so many complaints about the original Potential system.



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