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Thread: Evan Questions.

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    1) Do they still require books?
    2) Do they still require to do quests for SP?

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    As of now, They still require cash shop mastery books, and they still get skill points from quests through the Fifth Mastery. After that, they no longer require skill points from quests to get SP to max their skills, and do not receive any from the quests there on out either.

    Any more questions I would be happy to answer! n_n

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    poor gMS hurhur. i play evan for free ^_^

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    Does anyone have the answer for these questions post-Union

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    If I recall correctly, Union changes nothing. They're still the same way they were before this patch.

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    None of the skills have the yellow text talking about Mastery Books on them anymore o.o
    (By that I mean, Magic Guard, Crit Mastery or Booster)

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    Probably because everyone knows about avoiding Evan if you don't plan on using NX ;~;

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    =/ just asked a friend, you do still need to buy the books.

    Man, Nexon's a jerk!

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    So like the stuff about Mastery Books in the events going on right now, what's with that, then?

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    I think you're talking about the "Allied Reinforcements" one.
    It's supposed to just say "reach lvl 70", and the prizes are either a MMB OR a 4th job Special Mastery Book.
    Nexon just made an oppsy on the site.

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    Oh. Lame. Was hoping for more Evan Skillbook handouts :<
    (Mostly because dear god their attack speed is ridiculous now)

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    Just as a reference to the difference between v106 evan and v107 Evan -
    In 106, I dealt decent damage at stronghold (roughly 400k per skill) but would have to move around a lot because the mobs would get to me quickly.
    In 107, I deal around 650k per skill and the speed increase allows me to keep the mobs knocked back most of the time. It's actually feasible for me to Solo in the stronghold now.

    Max Blaze is totally awesome. It's chain lightning for Evans.

  14. Water
    IGN: JerrysHero
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 200
    Job: Evan
    Guild: Imperious
    Alliance: TheAlmightys

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    Stemming from this post for another comparision:D
    Pre-Unbound: LHC mobs were down in seconds(1.5m roughly)
    Post-Bound: SH mobs are now down in seconds(3.5m or higher all the time now)

    Over-fundedness is lame. I have 15% boss and 50% pdr ignore and acheive 3m+ dmg on 70% pdr bosses easily:( Using thrust as a main 1v1 may be more beneficial, faster and does less %dmg.

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    I have none of those things. I am lvl 171 and have decent %INT (about 50%) and my self-buffed range is 31K in v106, and 36k in v107.

    I am really loving the attitude shift towards Evans. I get into parties REAL fast now.

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    I always loved the class in general, but I usually never have NX so making one has been one of those "would if I could" things.



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