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  1. Default Is it offensive?

    If you enjoy talking with someone on a daily basis, that you don't see often and that someone tells you that he only likes you because he doesn't know you well enough, would you consider it offensive?
    Would it be offensive for anyone or just for super-sensitive nuts?

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    I guess I might be a little offended. I would challenge the person to learn more about me and see if that is true.

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    Default Re: Is it offensive?

    That person is probably jealous of you.

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    I don't pay much attention to what other people think of me or the people I talk to.

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    I think the comment was meant to be offensive but you shouldn't be offended, no.

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    It was me who said it. It wasn't meant to be offensive, though... :/
    I shouldn't be allowed to use the internet so late, or when I haven't slept in a day.

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    Default Re: Is it offensive?

    Ho, that was a nice trick to get rid of any potential bias.

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    Was it in reference to yourself then? If it was meant to be self-deprecating then you're just an idiot. I can't imagine any other context it could have been used in besides a negative because there's no neutral or positive interpretation.

    If you've got self-esteem issues, don't put them on other people by saying things like that. Maybe you think you're not "all that" or something but that doesn't necessarily mean the other person does or will ever think that, and you only serve to push them away and to reinforce your negativity that way.

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    Default Re: Is it offensive?

    How could "I only like you because I don't know you well enough" not be offensive?

    Well, maybe if it's preceded by something like, "I tend to be overly critical, I eventually find something I can't tolerate in every friend".

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    Your statement basically translates to "I only like your superficial traits" which is pretty bad. It's similar to saying you like someone just because of their looks.

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    Yeah, well... that's the truth.
    Anyway, who I said it to didn't take it as an offense, though.
    We were wondering why we talk and enjoy it "so much", it seems she likes truthful answers.

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    Everyone says things that turn out offensive once in a while.

    If she's not concerned then you shouldn't be either. I'm curious as to what made you pick that particular reply, though.

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    We don't know each other much. We talk online most of the times, we like it a lot, and it's hard to tell if she's really that way or not.
    I'm guessing she feels the same way about me... it might be dissapointing for both of us if we ever start hanging out...

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    Hey Words, I'm the same way with people in general. If I get to know people too well, they become predictable and boring. Even if they are very distinguished, just hanging out with someone 24/7 is a drain. There are a few people who are exceptions in my life and we still try to hang out despite having little to no contact in between everything.

    However yeah, if I know someone well enough, then it becomes difficult to listen to their stance on an issue since I already can predict what type of spin they would come out with. And if the person in question who you mentioned in the OP took it personally and got offended, then I honestly would assume that that person wouldn't be someone I would like to get too familiar with if I still wanted to be friends with them.

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    Actually, I like her.
    But, most likely, if we get to know each other better it'd fail.

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    Sounds a bit offensive to me. I would get to know the person before I come to the conclusion if I like them or not.

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    I found myself having this conversation with my closest friend a couple of weeks ago and we both came to the conclusion that we are both superficial to varying degrees. It's one thing to not like an individual as a person, but a completely separate (and reasonably so), issue to not like someone because of their appearance. I know for instance that I couldn't be in a relationship with someone who is overweight. Not because I don't like them personality wise, but because their appearance just wouldn't appeal to me in that way. The same could be said of personality. I couldn't be in a relationship with someone who just drives me crazy all of the time because I couldn't wake up to that everyday.

    And whenever I say this (especially to girls, omg) I get an earful over it. Is it so bad just to say, "I don't find you attractive"? Appearances are just another element of relationships to be considered.

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    Duh, anyone who doesn't know this is just another moron trying to save face. Every part of a person mentally and physically can determine your type of relationship you'll have with them. It's always the "You say shallow I say standards" argument.


    You have a shytty personality apparently, but that's an opinion. Obviously you have friends who know your personality and tolerate you. I wouldn't take it more than a sarcastic cynical remark to poke at you. Your question shouldn't be "is this offensive" but asking the individual "Why you say that?". Depending on the answer determines it immediately.

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    So YOU said this to someone else? Yeah, it's offensive.

    I would've stopped talking to you permanently. You're still putting your idiotic bullpomegranate on someone else and you're dooming the friendship by saying retarded things like that.



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