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    Cash1 Job Application Form & FAQ

    What is Maple-News?

    The Maple-News Network (Maple-News or MNN for short) is a MapleStory fan site dedicated to providing the community with the latest news, interviews, and information about the game. Our goal is to foster thought-provoking discussions about a variety of topics related to the game and provide a voice for the community so that important issues do not get ignored.

    Join Us

    If you're interested in making a difference in the MapleStory community, want to make your voice heard, or just love to write then joining the MNN Staff may be for you. Check out the variety of different positions we offer below.


    The most popular position here at Maple-News, the writer’s job is very to the point. Writers compose and publish news articles on subjects of their own choosing or assigned pieces. Your published articles will appear on the Maple-News homepage for all to see!


    The editor position is one that requires more knowledge and is a bigger commitment than many of the other jobs we offer here at Maple-News. An editor does everything a writer does in addition to making sure each article has correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation and holds seniority over writers and can assign stories. Editors also have the unique ability to edit comments and also function as moderators to some extent.


    The reporter position is much like that of a traditional news reporter. Reporters are the ones who go out and get the scoop on the hottest stories in MapleStory. Reporters conduct interviews with Nexon officials, players, and the like, collect data on new features, and frequently go in-game as part of their work. If you are a very hands on person who is active in-game and on forums but doesn’t have that much time to commit, then this job is perfect for you.

    If you are interested in applying for a job at, please fill out the following form and create a new topic in the 'Maple-News Discussion' forum with the subject: [Southperry forum name]'s Job Application.

    Job Application Form


    Note: To apply you must have a forum account. All applicants will be contacted via the Southperry PM system.



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