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  1. Default Opposite racism?

    Have you ever noticed that members of minorities tend to associate together and exclude others? I think that people around the world should forget about skin color, hold hands and play nice.

  2. Default Re: Opposite racism?

    Huh, how is it opposite racism? It's racism regardless of you being a minority if you judge someone based on where they're from, their 'race' or their heritage.
    Genuinly curious as to how it is opposit.

  3. Default Re: Opposite racism?

    there's no such thing as reverse racism

    if a black person hates all white people, they're a racist
    if an asian hates all arabs, they're a racist
    if a native american hates all hispanics, they're a racist

  4. Default Re: Opposite racism?

    inb4 some shit goes down.

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    Default Re: Opposite racism?

    i wish for a world where white people can call black people "niggas" without them getting offended.

  6. Default Re: Opposite racism?

    this pretty much. i still dont get why black people get offended so much when people of other race call them a nigga but okay when their own people call them a nigga. i mean i'm asian and i don't go around being offended when some people jokingly call me "chinky eyes" or any asian-related stereotypes name

  7. Default Re: Opposite racism?

    I think it stems from our sense of individuality.

  8. Default

    What's the point of (derogatory) names based on color, anyway?

  9. Default Re: Opposite racism?

    No fucking clue, pancake head.

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    Reverse racism? A redundant term, it's all racism. Reverse discrimination falls into the same category. I guess if they are simply used as terms to describe a small subset, they are OK, but in reality, it's all the same.

  11. Default Re: Opposite racism?

  12. Default Re: Opposite racism?

    Ya know there wouldn't be racism if people didn't support stereotypes, which generally revolve around being immature, incoherent, misinformed and watch fox news.

    But I'll tell you this much, a redneck is much more dangerous than any other stereotype out there.

  13. Default Re: Opposite racism?

    What's with people making controversial threads lately?

  14. Default Re: Opposite racism?

    I wasn't really able to catch your meaning on my phone, but sitting here looking at it from my computer screen your question makes better sense.

    It doesn't matter the size of the group, people are going to associate with people like them and feel prejudiced to those outside of their circle. This prejudice is mostly due to competition between groups for various resources.

    If instead of competing we actually cooperated with each other, these circles would eventually fade and then the world would be the happy place you dream and hope for. Basic psychology.

    That doesn't make it "reverse racism/prejudice" in any way. Any form of prejudice is prejudice and is completely independent of the size of the perpetrators.

  15. Default Re: Opposite racism?

    What annoys me is pomegranate like "Oh, you're just saying that because I'm black, aren't you?"
    Also, a lot of cases of affirmative action. These people simply are getting jobs that they don't deserve because of their race. IDGAF if your ancestors were discriminated against 50 years ago, that really doesn't give you the right to a sinecure, nor does it give you the right to pull the race card.

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    Default Re: Opposite racism?

    There are a lot of Pakistani people at my college, they are always in groups, especially in lessons. The ones in my lessons are annoying, loud and slutty, but i know that not all of them are like that, i made friends with another Pakistani girl in the class who doesn't associate with them, she's awesome.

    Nobody in my class or in the course actually treat them any different, but they tend to be quite hostile and rude towards the white people. I don't really know why, and since i don't like them, i won't ask. I suppose everyone is different.

    While on the other hand, the area that i grew up in and the people i work with tend to be very racist towards Pakistani people. It's a mixed bag.

  17. Default Re: Opposite racism?

    OT: Discrimination knows no limits, so this "opposite racism" or "reverse racism" in itself is just a bunch of bull pomegranate imo.

  18. Default Re: Opposite racism?

    Has to do with the whole when white people said it it was used as a derogatory terms for ages. As for other races using it it went mainstream since rap music did. I hardly see anyone black or otherwise using in any context just sorta lost any meaning it had when everyone started listening to rap and saying at the end of every single sentence.

  19. Default Re: Opposite racism?

    You just supported stereotypes against a few people yourself. What does that say about you?


    This is not true. I personally have no problem associating with people of other races. Some people may be like that, most even may, but good, rational people with proper morals aren't.



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