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    Hello people,

    I know I am sure to get a ton of comments on "Use search bar" and "Don't spend money/time on Maple" or "this is why I don't play this game", but I'm gonna ask anyways. And I did search >_<


    I'm a level 12x DK and I have a very low range, well at least I think so. Fully buffed, my range is 5.9-8.4k. I am presumably getting 40k nx tomorrow and right now I have around 300m and I was wondering what the wisest option to increase my range would be. And not just with NX, but all together. I'm currently using all those legendary maple junk equips right now, at least the set bonus isnt too bad. I have 6% STR earings right now and that's it. I was thinking of getting one of the Evolving Ring level 3's, but I'm not sure. 120m is a lot of money, for me at least >_< I might try to get a Mark of Naricain, but finding a party is pretty hard... and most people just jack the MoN, ah well.

    With these funds, does anyone have a projection on how high I can get it with that?

    My current objectives:
    1) Mark of Naricain
    2) Ludi PQ Glasses OR Kenta's Glasses OR Specs (One can dream...)

    That's all stuff I can pretty much get without the use of mesos... or NX at least.

    So I appreciate all your suggestions and such! Thanks again! Remember, I primarily want to increase my range. That's the goal.

    Also get 3% STR from the hat.

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    Do monster park or grind at mobs that drop male warrior tops, bottoms, shoes, and gloves. Or you can craft the 90 ones. Any of those work.
    If they have no pot, fuse them. If they have pot that isn't 3-6% str, fuse them again. Rinse and repeat until you have 3-6% str on all of those equips.
    Evo ring 3's are not worth it. You can do better with a Silent Crusade ring (the final one), a Legends ring (assuming you have it), an ABR (are those more expensive than Evo3's? I dunno), and a Larson ring.
    Try going on a CWKPQ run or two with your guild/alliance and MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS YOU'RE GETTING MON. Slap them with a large fish if they loot.
    This method will take a while (maybe less time if you have multiple fusing characters and/or get lucky), but will be the most efficient method possible.
    Try to get a 130 PvP weapon if you can stand to PvP for it, or DRPQ for a 105 weapon and find a Dragonic recipe for it. If you have a 16x+ friend, Chief Oblivion Guardians drop Dragonic Machlear recipes like rain, ask them to get one for you there. Has Durability been revamped yet in GMS? I forget. If not, don't scroll until it is (shouldn't be too long), the tablets won't boom and will be 70% for 3att then.
    That's all I can really think of.

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    Why are you using the legend maple spear
    use the pole arm, it's fast speed.
    your range will go down a bit, but it's incredibly worth it just for the attack speed increase.

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    besides what raul said, i REALLY recommend using that money to first get your Zerk and impale books passed, that will give you the biggest upgrade in damage (your range will stay the same though.)

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    Just got a Mark of Naricain thanks to someone here on Southperry, and I think I will try and get that Larson's Ring you were talking about. I have an Agares Bloody Spear, clean 122 attack, so I think I may try and "perfect" it eventually. It's 3 lined, so I am for sure going to cube it a bit. It's currently 3% STR but if I can get it to legendary, who knows the possibilities. Ah well, starting out small. Might go do some Ludi PQ's for the glasses. Thanks again for the input everyone :)

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    Start doing PQs as well. The exp is not too shabby and the equip rewards are pretty decent. Primarily Kenta, Hoblin, and Escape.



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