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    What do you think happens to you when you die?

    I was stuck in the ER this morning and had some very interesting discussions with a group of people in the waiting room. I was actually surprised by a lot of the answers and even more by some of the questions. It made me curious as to what people here thought.

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    What do I think?

    I think you go to some sort of "nirvana" where your soul can create whatever reality it wishes, if you were a good person your soul will probably create fun things and nice memories, if you were a bad person your soul will create bad and menacing things.

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    I believe you cease to exist.

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    i find a better question to be "why should i care?"

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    Meh, it was just a question. Didn't ask if you cared or not.

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    I'd LIKE to believe that there's some neat paradise type thing waiting for people who are generally decent to their fellow man, but I have my doubts.

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    Actually his question contained a big part of an answer.
    "Why should I care?" rather implies "Not anything I can affect."

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    read what zapta said, i didn't mean this to you, but that being my answer to the question.

    "why should i care what happens after i'm dead?"

    i don't see any reason to ask myself what then, it should not have any effect on what i do now, and once i'm dead, well, i'll figure what comes next then.

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    A religious person would say you go to an afterlife, whether it be good, or bad, depends on how you've acted in your mortal life.

    I would say you cease to exist. You just simply stop living. All of your memories, love, sadness, hatred, just stop. You're a well constructed pile of flesh in the ground, maybe left to die in some ungodly place.

    I'm sure we would all love to think that we are going to leave behind love ones who will always remember you, people that will never forget the days they've spent with you. But really, unless you're some kind of famous singer/athlete/hitler, you won't be remembered by millions. Hell, you're lucky if you've made an impact on even one person to make them remember you for their life.

    It's sad really if you think about it, but we really are just tiny pineappleing ants compared to the grand scheme of things.

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    I don't agree with this. Sure, there may be some that are so boxed up that they have made no immediate impact on those outside of their family, if even them, but otherwise there are several people who I can think of off the top of my head that would definitely be remembered by me should they pass on, and I'd like to think that they feel the same about me.

    I don't know if it was just your mood that influenced you to say that, but perhaps you should give it a second thought.

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    I was just feeling pessimistic I guess. But I mean, sure, they'll remember you, but will they feel the same about you after you've passed? And will they really remember you 10 years down the line? 20? 30? It's almost human nature to want to forget someone you loved because it hurts so bad to realize that they are gone. I dont know...

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    I believe that time would, from your perspective, dilate the closer and closer you get to death. You would never experience dying, but instead ever moment before it. The millisecond before death, from your perspective, would stretch into infinity.

    From anyone else's perspective though, you would just die and be dead.

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    With love comes pain, and from that pain you get stronger. There might be some days where you don't really think about them, but you'll remember the little things that will, for lack of a better phrase, "keep them alive" for you.

    A personal example would be an ex-best friend of mine who once told me that he always had to clean his ears after he showered or else they itched for the rest of the day. Most of the time, I can't look at a q-tip without thinking back to that moment, and various other little moments that just remind me of how much I enjoyed his friendship.

    The falling out was terrible and I was certainly affected, but from it I gained experience and wisdom that I didn't have before. Death inevitably ends life, but we shouldn't be afraid of it for either ourselves or others because of the pain it may, and probably will, cause. Remember the journey and grow from it.

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    I told a very religious lady about 2 weeks ago that I thought we cease to exist after death and she had the biggest look of shock on her face. "Where does your soul go when you die then?" is what she asked lol.

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    I'm with solarboy, I believe that there's some type of dream state you go into.

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    Yeah, I suppose you're right pancake..

  17. Default

    My biology book says rigor mortis.

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    Hey I have this mormon friend-crush right now. We've had some pretty interesting conversations.
    She was pretty surprised when I said I believed that when we die it's over, nothing after it. She was all like "wow how can you live thinking it will simply end like that?".

    I think just like Panacea here, I know for sure I've left a mark on at least a few people and I plan to have kids one day and that will for sure be one of my legacies to the world.

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    I believe that I will be burried, and that worms will eat me and then worms will be eaten and after more and more different stuff eats me I'll be all over the world.
    I will cease to exist but the very little parts that made me up will then be in everything.

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    That already happens with your dead skin, hair, nails and other stuff that comes from you.

    Off-topic: What's with all these religion debates now?



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