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    Remove my hood and another takes its place.

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    Actually this is pretty awesome, if only it was in Canada and for men also.

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    See, and here I thought that the "clothed all in black" was some theatre bullsh'it and that they didnt dress in any stand-out way at all.

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    Well, actually... the black uniforms were for sneaking around at night, which is what Ninjas were for. They were like our Navy Seals (except WAY weaker) - they would sneak into towns/villages at night and take out their targets as swiftly and quietly as possible. The black clothing was so they would never be seen.

    I have no freaking idea why these people think THEY should be clothed in black or even why they should call themselves Ninjas. They're quite the opposite of what a Ninja was.

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    And knowing is half the battle!

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    They weren't they were blue uniforms. Assassins don't dress like anything but a normal person, ninja's were about stealth and black actually stood out, so they wore a dark blue.

    Something like that.

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    hmm, intriguing. From my understanding, the stagehands in Noh theatre wore all-black to obscure them from the scenes, and thats where the whole "black clothes and invisibility" thing spawned from, and hollywood perpetuated the whole thing of them always wearing black and slinking about in the night because of the rule of cool. *shrug*
    Granted not much is known for their historical origins and by no means am I an expert on the matter.
    Either way, silly iranians playing ninja. =x

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    under my hood.....


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    These ninjas need more Triple Throw and Flash Jump.

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    Black stands out at night more than dark blues and greys, hence Batman.

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    Is that supposed to be a joke reference to Kakashi?

    Anyway, I hope they learn to use weapons. Otherwise no martial art can really help them when they can even be imprisioned for disagreeing with their husbands

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    Why does this remind me when my little brother watched the French women in Burkas and said "Wow look at them ninjas!"?

    These women are so cool.



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