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  1. Default % Chance to increase potential tier?

    Does anyone know what the chance is to increase from rare>epic>unique>legendary with master/regular cubes?

    I've asked many people but none of them know, and I cannot find anything about it when I google it. Someone told me 5% with regulars and 20% with masters. Not sure if I can believe it without proof tho.

  2. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
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    1. Search button
    2. No one knows. Numbers range from 10-25% from what I've searched up.

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    Is it even needed in this thread's case? Another thread about this only being 10 below this one.. @_@

  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
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    10% seems way too high from my personal experience. Takes far more than 10 cubes to raise rarity.

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    All about luck. I raised 4 of my level 140 equips to epic using 30k NX.

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    Getting to Epic doesn't seem too bad, but I suspect its a lower rate going from Epic to Unique.
    I also suspect that the upgrade rate was nerfed at some point; used to be easier.
    You regulary see people complaining that they used 50, 100 or more cubes without success, and you don't see as much bragging about how few cubes it took to get to unique 15% like you used to see.

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    Think he meant with masters.

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    I hate when people say this on any thread about probabilities. Of course it's random but there is still a set chance of it happening.

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    I have wondered and thought about this alot too and I would place bets on 10% to epic and 5% to unique from all the stories I've read on the internet and my own cubing experiences. No idea about legendary and master cubes but I'm guessing they'll let it stay 5%. Going to 2.5% would be overkill. (Then again, Nexon and mathematics never really combined).

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    My experience points to about 5% rare>epic, currently I have never got anything to unique. (settled on 6-9% str on <10 cubes in all cases)

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    I did not challange the numbers at all with my post, I simply pointed out that the random factor and/or unknown variables play a big role in cubing. We have not a clue if there is simply a set percentage or more to it than that. Granted, luck might have been a bad coice of wording.

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    In the past, I would have agreed with the 10% to epic and 5% to unique estimate, but...

    This seems more accurate now.
    Went through my notes:
    Earlier efforts, 9 items altogether ,took 9 cubes on average to get to epic
    Newer efforts, 8 items, took 21 cubes on average to get to epic

    So guessing 5% to epic, 2% to unique for regular cubes, down from original 10%/5%.

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    I highly doubt the percentage changed. Do we have anything pointing at it? Your tiny sample alone is not really

    Edit: My latest try gave an average of 4,5 cubes per item, 4 equips taken from rare to epic.

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    Why wouldn't Nexon change it? They never told us any numbers, and seeing as they are not exactly big on ethics they should have no qualms about reducing it. Then they can introduce new types of cubes and truthfully say the new types have higher success rates than regular cubes, when in fact they could be just the same rates as what regular cubes originally had.

  15. Neon Atom Straight Male

    IGN: Huskey
    Server: KradiaEMS
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    It takes effort to change it, and I expect they thought about the rates when they first implemented it to optimalize the income from cubes.

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    Not much effort to change 2 numbers, and greed is a big motivator.

    Another idea I'd forgotten about;
    Lately I've used the discount 7-day cubes; maybe they are nerfed compared to regular priced cubes, but regular cubes are actually unchanged. Again, I don't trust Nexon to be fair about anything.

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    True, but my own experience tells me it is just about the same then as it is now.

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    If it's anything less than 10% I've had overly good luck with cubes thus far.

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    Huh, actually I can boast similar numbers... but I've only cubed 7 items epic total so it's not very representative (8, 12, 7, ~15, 25, 28, 13)

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
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    You realize you did the same thing right?

    How do you know it's a set chance? What if it's a base chance that is modified by a multiplier randomized by the server for an undetermined period of time? Huh?



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