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  1. Lead Ball Straight Male
    IGN: Arrg
    Server: Culverin
    Level: 192
    Job: Viper
    Guild: Century (leader)
    Alliance: Foreigner


    Are you really going to use wave throughout 4th job? I never touched it once I got bazooka because it just breaks flow.

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    I use it sometimes, but it's not impactful. It's pretty useless though, especially if you don't max it.

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    So.. since Cannon Shooters have come out.
    No one has any critique on it?

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    omg dis skill bild is soo bad i cnt even use it all da namess r wrong

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    Haha, your build pretty much matches what I was going to do anyway.

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    I'd move Pirate Training after Barrel Blast, since the % chance to KB is annoying.

    I don't know what's typical but my cannoneer's doing about 5k damage to mobs with 2-3k hp (fwiw 2k range at level 39 with the free lv.35 cannon), to the point level 1 scatter shot can 1hko things even with 1 MISS. But with Barrel Blast's first 3 weak hits, it usually doesn't deal enough to 1hko - so if it fails to push something, it fails to kill it.

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    You'll want max barrel as early as you want to go to cds. I did it right after mastery.

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    Yeah, I'd imagine early points in pirate training would only be a need if you're short on stat to wear something. While Barrel Blast is really useful to have maxed pretty much no matter what.

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    Agreeing on delaying pirate training and prioritizing barrel blast. lack of 100% KB is annoying as pineapple. You should only really put points into pirate training to raise your dex in order to equip your gear.

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    I did PT before barrel because i was at scarecrows. CDs suck and scatter shot is the f'ucking s'hit at scarecrows. Barrel sucks because the first 3 hits activate their iframes.

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    All AP into Str, right? Nexon arent really clear in their descriptions.

    Also the non GMS names makes things really confusing and is annoying. lol

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    Beginning of 3rd job is terrible.

    1 spike -> 1 reinforce, power boom, jump -> max power boom -> max jump -> max reinforce -> max spike -> whatever

    The times when spike is going to ohko just as much as power boom is basically zero, so having it as burst damage is extremely valuable both for warding off KSers and training faster. Jump is next because the extra distance is crucial. You wouldn't want to use it and then not actually reach the platform. Reinforce for obvious reasons. Spike because it's strong. Whatever after that because...well i don't really know what's better between counter/rush/dice. I'm doing dice, just because it's nice.

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    I did early 2nd job far differently and it worked out pretty well I think:

    30. 1 Slug Shot
    31. 1 Critical Fire, 2 Mastery
    32. 3 Mastery
    33. 3 Booster
    34. 3 Booster
    35. 3 Rush Boom
    36. 3 Rush Boom
    37. 3 Rush Boom
    38. 3 Rush Boom
    39. 3 Rush Boom
    40. 3 Rush Boom
    41. 2 Rush Boom, 1 Monkey Magic
    42. 3 Monkey Magic (Perfectly lines up it's duration with 6booster, nice little setup for a skill macro)
    43. 3 Mastery
    44. 3 Mastery
    45. 3 Mastery
    46. 3 Mastery
    47. 3 Mastery
    48. 3 Pirate Training
    49. 3 Pirate Training
    50. 3 Pirate Training

    • 1 Slug Shot
    • 1 Critical Fire
    • Max Mastery
    • 6 Booster
    • Max Rush Boom
    • 4 Monkey Magic
    • 9 Pirate Training

    The stability that Slugshot gives is really, really useful and I don't know what I would have done without it at times. It's an excellent level 1 skill, whereas to really fully utilize Rush Boom, I had to dump points in it for quite a few levels. I'd say Slugshot and Critical Fire are the two best 1point-and-forget skills in the entire 2nd job book, they give a lot of usefulness out the door.

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    You never ran into people that wouldnt change channel, or just shared?

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    Honestly I only used barrel at jesters to mob bottom besides that lvl 10 scatter shot did the job even without funding it wasn't hard. I maxed all my utility before my attacks it was kinda funny. Also in 3rd job the only things I haven't maxed are dice counter and wave at lvl 108. Working on dice now because its random buff is not as useful as for sure buffs, but that's just my opinion. I have had no problems and have been faithfully destroying every monster I come across

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    I ran into more people at CDs than i did at scarecrows. It's harder to share a map when there's 2 people on a one platform flat map rather than the kind of map scarecrows is.

    Scatter shot is pretty hard to hit a platform above you at jesters unless you have max jump. I found the "platform run off/drop down" of barrel to be useful at jesters, since i could go on the top and hit the top+middle/top left+left side simultaneously.

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    I didnt run into people for an hour at CDs, Kradia FOR THE WIN

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    Cannon counter activates iframes. <3

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    I'm impressed Takebacker.
    I thought you were a funded pirate yet you can't 1-hit with Spike? Considering the fact that I 1-hit with Spike in kMS with no funds, I find it surprisingly funny that you can't do that in gMS with more % stat than I have.

    As for the rest of it, I can see why you guys would put Pirate Training after Barrel. As for the names.. Not changing them. They're too.. dumb.

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    I train on things i miss more than 30-40% of the time so i get more base exp so obviously i won't ohko all the time. That's why madness is better because it hits 5 times. I still shave off at least 70% of their HP when i do damage. If i have 0 miss rate there isn't anything i won't ohko.



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