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    Aran (I)
    Aran (II)
    Aran (III)
    Aran (IV)
    Evan (I) (10-20)
    Evan (II) (20-30)
    Evan (III) (30-40)
    Evan (IV) (40-50)
    Evan (V) (50-60)
    Evan (VI) (60-80)
    Evan (VII) (80-100)
    Evan (VIII) (100-120)
    Evan (IX) (120-160)
    Evan (X) (160-200)
    Mercedes (I)
    Mercedes (II)
    Mercedes (III)
    Mercedes (IV)
    Demon Slayer (I)
    Demon Slayer (II)
    Demon Slayer (III)
    Demon Slayer (IV)
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    Demon Slayer should be in the Resistance Tables, eh?
    Lightning Flare -> High Kick Demolition
    Edge Spiral -> Lightning Edge

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    I included DS with Legends because it came in the Legend update... makes logical sense, right?

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    Why are Cannon Shooters in Pirates then?

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    Why are you leaving me to figure out Nexon's logic?

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    But... But... The patch was... and this is... and I... I just...

    I'm going to bed.

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    My guildy in KMS just told me that Edge Spiral and Lightning Flare aren't official skills anymore.
    Same thing Joe said up above.
    They're replaced by High Kick Demolition and Lighting Edge.

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    Edge spiral got replaced with Summersault jump or something like that. And lighting flare got replaced with rolling moonsault.

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    I already stated what was changed. I don't understand why it was necessary to input this false information.

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    I didn't see that and I forgot the exact names for the skills... Sorry.

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    Cannon Shooters came out with Legends too.
    Demon Slayers are the Warrior Resistance anyways. Besides the entire class of Aran, Evan, and Mercedes are called Heroes anyways cause Evan isn't a Legend.
    Only 3 people are Legends, they are Aran, Mercedes, and Demon Slayer. Since all 3 were from the past and were well known people.
    Legends are Heroes but not all Heroes are Legends.

    Besides Legend Patch was just the name of the patch.

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    bluh bluh semantics
    the class that came out in the legend patch is in the legend skill table because thats where people will logically look for it



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