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    So cruel, but I effing lol'd.

    I keep telling people not to waste their time feeding that thing until Meisterville comes out. No one wants to listen though.

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    There Ardentville. The profession town.

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    I'm sure quite a few poeple have noticed the Names for the Plants and Rocks have been changed.
    I'm hoping (I know wishful thinking) they are just place holders for the moment..

    @ the Imp Pet, I've grown a few; But always seems to get sick lmao
    I seem to find more "Orange Imp" then the Rock one o3o
    at lest I got a way to get rid of my equip crap now ;3


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    Is there anywhere a list of all the -stats- all the jewel crafted items give (There are only the requirements to make them in the OP, but not the stats what they give)?

    Nvm, it was all in Fiel's 0.99 GMST thread:

  5. Basic0

    thanks for the useful guide and the kind replies there.

    does this work when offline?

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    Anyone know what this used for? Im guessing Androids?

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    It's the highest level rock you can mine. It drops no ores since there's not enough jewels/plates, but it does drop many Ore Fragments and Item Pot items.

    After the profession revamp, it will drop refined ores/jewels. Same with the Golden Flower, which will drop flower oils.

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    Oh nice. It must be pretty rare though, because i checked through other channels and it wasn't there. Is the spawn random? Like a legendary Pokemon or something

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    I don't get it.
    Why doesn't it drop any plates or jewels or anything?

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    Because each rock drops 2 ores. Then the rock that is one 'level' higher than it drops the 2 ores that are 1 'level' higher than the first two ores, so on. The rock that is one level lower than the heart rock is the one that drops the two highest level ores, so the heart rock has no other ores to drop. Obviously they could've made it drop something, but they didn't. So for now its just an easy way to raise your item pot and get ore fragments :P

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    the heck are ore fragments? and what if anything are they used for? iv looked over all the info again and i see nouthing that mentions them or what there used for so please share the information!

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    You can trade in 100 ore fragments or 100 plant roots for a bag with random ores/plants

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    Added the new Blacksmithing and Jewel Crafting Recipes from kMS 1.2.136. Alchemy recipes will come later... probably much, much later.

    The secret ingredients for the Dominator Pendant? One Chaos Horntail Necklace, one Fearless Pendant, and one Blazing Sun Pendant. Lol.

    Edit: All new recipes added.
    Last edited by Grey; 2011-07-07 at 03:22 PM.

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    Just one little detail.

    Blazing Sun Earrings x1
    - Timeless Earrings x1
    - Superior Abrasive x1
    - LUK Crystal x3
    - Gallant Emblem x40
    - Shards of Chaos x2
    - Philospher's Stone x10

    Wow, all these new items are going to be difficult to get. .__.

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    Thanks for pointing that out. Should be Rising Sun earrings ^^u

    Edit: Nevermind o.O
    That's actually not an error on my part, the recipe calls for Timeless Earrings.

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    Quick question.

    I stumbled upon this information about the DAR recipe reward in shakar96's blog.

    However, iAmFear's information says the opposite.

    So, can you use the recipe once or 10 times?

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    The level 110 Snowdrop stuff can be made up to 10 times, or in the case of the potion, for 10 days.

    The level 4 and 10 recipes can only be used once (1 day for the Giant Potion recipes)

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    My alchemist reached lv 4; but it says I need some sort Intermediate extractor recipe.

    I have no clue where to find those. x.x



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