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  1. Default MapleStory Chaos: Profession Recipe Guide

    First of all, thanks to everyone who contributed to this guide.

    Table of Contents
    1. Basic Profession Guide
    2. Materials
    3. Skill Experience
    4. Fatigue
    5. What are recipes?
    6. Herbalist Recipes
    7. Miner Recipes
    8. Blacksmith Recipes
    9. Jeweler Recipes
    10. Alchemist Recipes

    Basic Profession Guide


    Materials Pricing Guide

    As a general rule, all equips over the level of 100 require recipes, as well as a few special equips, such as the Angelic Rings

    Recipes for level 100 equips and the level 105 Dragon Katara can be bought from an NPC in the profession map. The recipes for level 100 armor and accessory items are 300k, while level 100 weapon and shield recipes are 500k through the NPC. Some potion recipes can also be bought and range in price from 50k to 1.1m. The recipes for disassemblers are 2m and 5m.

    Most of the stuff is bought from the NPC shop in the profession map, with a few exceptions, like the Gallant Emblem, Dream Fragment and Stone, and Item Crystals.

    Item Crystals - Disassemble items of the appropriate level. These are NOT the same ones we have now. Only Alchemists are capable of disassembling items on their own. They can also create a Disassembler item that allows other people to disassemble their items. You have a chance of recieving a higher leveled crystal when disassembling. This is how you are able to get Superior Item Crystals
    Plants and Ores - Can be picked or mined in areas for level 30+. There are a variety of different plants and rocks in these maps that, if you hold NPC Chat by them, will drop a plant or ore, provided that you are of the correct profession (Miner or Herbalist) and have the correct tools (shovel or pickaxe). Level 4 Plants and Ores and below are available for puchase in Ardentmill.
    Gallant Emblem - PvP

    Credits to Max (HighOnMushrooms) for these:
    Confusion Fragment - Level 140+ Monsters
    Philosopher's Stone - Random when disassembling 110+ equips
    Primal Essence - Heart Veins and Golden Flowers

    Dream Fragment - Future Henesys and Ereb monsters
    Dream Stone - Empress Cygnus and Cygnus Instructors

    Conquerer's Coin - Aswan
    Emperor's Coin - Aswan

    Skill Experience

    A note about Fatigue

    What are recipes? (The Items)

    With Herbalism and Mining, you always have a 100% chance of extracting oils or refining ores, regardless of level, but you have a 90% chance of getting the oil or plate and a 10% chance of getting magic powder for certain recipes. Herbalism and mining levels only limit what you can collect, not create.

    Herbalist (GMS v135)

    Herbalist (KMST v480)

    Miner (GMS v135)

    Miner (KMST v480)
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  2. Default Blacksmith: Equipment and Ammunitions Creation

    Blacksmith (GMS v135)

    Blacksmith (KMST v480)
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  3. Default Jeweler: Acessory Forging

    Accessory Crafter (GMS v135)

    Accessory Crafter (KMST v480)
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  4. Default Alchemist: Creating Powerful Potions, Disassembling and Combining Equipment

    Alchemist (GMS v135)

    Alchemist (KMST v480)
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    Amazing list thank you for this. 20 lidiums for dark angelic ring? Jesusw'tf.

    Brb hoarding for 110 rings shoulderpad and dark angelic ring.

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    Just a question... WTP do androids do?

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    I have no idea, the basically follow you around and talk, I think that's it, but their hearts have slots so, potential, maybe?

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    Lol, this reminds me of Asiasoft Forums, they always double post to get their information all fitted in.

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    1 MaxHP: +4000 (Time: 120 Min) Potion

    Welcome to the end of the use of DK's... I feel sorry for you ppl... :(

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    It stacks with HB...

  11. Default

    Doesn't matter... lvl120 ranged classes (1 week playtime) will have like 8000 HP now without washing... there is absolutely no need for DK's anymore...

    Dang... My shad will have about 50.000 virtual HP with that potion + HBmule... overkill much? :+)

    My Chakra heal will love this! :D

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    Waaaait a second... The Empress boss... Could this mean it could start to be beatable thanks to Alchemists? I can see it now... Right before the run, people preparing their potions. Ok, this looks interesting now.

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    +Atk potions are dissapoint. But i guess the 60 Main stat pot and HB potions works well i guess.

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    Magic crash. There hasn't been need for HB for a long time except for pink bean.

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    Just saying, it's not as easy as getting the materials and making it.

    For many of these potions, you will need a recipe, and those are one-off, and then you'll need a high level of Alchemy to succeed at making the potion.

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    I stocked up on lidium ores. How easy is it to make a dark angelic ring?

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    Good job! But some are out of date.
    LvN shoulder needs (N/10 * 3 - 2) Sign of Ares.
    MaxHP + 4000 portions need 3 advanced crystals which are very hard to make.