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  1. Default [Module] The Restructuring | Cygnus skills

    Updated for 1.2.355

    Cygnus Restructuring Changes

    Dawn Warrior (I)
    Dawn Warrior (II)
    Dawn Warrior (III)
    Blaze Wizard (I)
    Blaze Wizard (II)
    Blaze Wizard (III)
    Wind Archer (I)
    Wind Archer (II)
    Wind Archer (III)
    Night Walker (I)
    Night Walker (II)
    Night Walker (III)
    Thunder Breaker (I)
    Thunder Breaker (II)
    Thunder Breaker (III)
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    Buffs all around, except Dawn Warriors. lol.

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    pineapple. I was really looking forward to an UA Paladin with Soul Driver to get through the White Knight levels.

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    On that note, did the Empress skills receive any changes?

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    What about the Ultimate Adventurer's versions of some of these skills?

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    Found the info on the changed Ultimate Adventurer skills:

    Soul Driver Lv. 5: MP 25, hit 6 mobs for 180% damage 4 times
    Flame Gear Lv. 5: MP 35, 15 second gears, 35% damage, 8 seconds of 100% damage per second
    Wind Piercing Lv. 5: MP 27, 750% damage on up to 6 mobs
    Vampire Lv. 5: MP 24, hit 6 mobs for 90% damage 4 times, absorb 5% damage as HP
    Shark Wave Lv. 5: MP 35, 510% damage on up to 6 mobs

    All UA skillls seem a bit more usable now.



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