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  1. Default Nexon Game Card deceptive business practices

    Description of Issue:
    Nexon steals your NX Cash after one year of charging the Cash.

    Why this issue needs attention:
    According to a recent class action settlement against Skype, Inc., a settlement was reached between Skype and the plaintiffs regarding whether SkypeOut credits could expire within 180 days of disuse without providing any service. Although the settlement was reached without going to litigation, this lawsuit raises serious concerns if what Nexon does is correct regarding the NX Cash cancelling after one year with no in-game notice or warning. All users receive in regards to NX Cash cancelling is a small blurb in the place where you buy NX Cash. Nexon stealing money from users is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

    Desired Action or Resolution:
    - Place the 1-year cancellation warning in the ToS - currently nowhere to be found
    - Have in-game warnings about when NX Cash is going to cancel and how much is going to be cancelled. Currently users have no way of knowing when NX Cash will expire and how much will expire.

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    Eh. I'll support it even though it isn't that big a deal. Expiration gets extended if you charge again within the year, so this is really only a problem for those who quit or only charge NX once in their lives.

    It might even extend the expiration if you use the MTS.

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    You do get an e-mail when you have nx that is going to expire (I think I got one 2 weeks before it was going to go) on one of my accounts I didn't use for ages

    I'd support having it in the ToS i guess, but as for needing to know how much or in game warnings? nah

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    I am sorry to say but there are a lot worse things about Nexon than the cash expiring after one year. While I agree that this issue is valid, if the players brought a class-action lawsuit against Nexon, this would be in the back of the line. The reason is, most people who charge Nexon cash cards will use them very quickly, or fairly quickly. You usually decide to charge some NX if you need some safety charms, or if your NX outfit expired, or if you want to buy something in the MTS. What is the sense of spending 25 dollars on a cash-driven game, and then letting it sit there for a full year? Realistically, what will expire are the bare remnants of the NX you spent -- something like 96 or 150 nx that was left over from larger purchases.

    Nexon has done things like glitch locks to make the locked items expire instead, and they did nothing to compensate the people affected. So some guy bought 2000 dollars worth of Maple gear, and it all just vanished, and they did nothing. Duped gear of equivalent quality was introduced into the system some time ago, and they'd ban you for illegal activities for buying the gear, even if your mesos were real. On DFO literally yesterday, they accidentally lifted the lvl cap of 40, and then slammed it down again, with a really bad explanation that made a lot of the players mad. There is, of course, a lot of stuff we all know about Nexon that is equivalent in terms of $hitty customer service, but my point is that NX expiring after one year should be the last of the gamers' priorities. If you're going to contemplate using lawyers against Nexon, go for the jugular, not a peripheral issue.

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    While it isn't clear that NX does expire in one year, Nexon does send out e-mail warnings approx. 3 weeks before the date that the said NX is about to expire. Just to clear things up, all of the NX on your account will expire if one year has past since your last transaction.

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    I'd like an in-game warning; I support this.

    It's a good thing it's only if you don't change your NX amount one bit. It does make me wonder about those people with over a hundred thousand NX who just left the game. Sucks to be them.

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    Most gift cards function in the same way, and even have a row of text on the back detailing this.

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    Closing as resolved/misinterpreted.

    1) Email notices are already sent
    2) The expiration isn't based on purchase date (unless the card is unused, at which point a purchased/activated card becomes inert after 1 year), it's based on the actual NX total remaining unchanged for a year, at which point the entire sum becomes subject to forfeiture with due warning.



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