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Thread: [Forum] Blockhead Invasion

  1. Default Blockhead Invasion

    Because when you think of Nexon, you think of Blockheads.
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    Always good with words aren't you nexon?

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    This announcement is marked wrong. I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be made public years ago.

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    I watched this so called "BlockParty infotainment animatory thing".

    It looks like the offspring of Twitter and a bit of Facebook in terms of use. It looks like a horribly cluttered up social networking site; not a gaming website. If they keep the individual MapleStory, Mabinogi, and so forth sites; then I'm down with that; it at least keeps the gaming mood in mind.

    A note of interesting to comment on the so called "infotainment animatory thing" as seen on the "Statuses" to as they say, "stalk ERRR see what your buddies are up to:


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    So this is basically a name change and site change. Meh.

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    " will soon become"


  7. Default

    As predicted.

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    I like the name Nexon better, Blockparty better better be a separate sight. Dont like the twitter/facebook ripoff.

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    Big mistake that will hurt business IMO

  10. Default

    The second Nexon sees a loss in their profit, they'll toss this whole "ambition" of theirs away.

  11. Default

    W - H - A - T

    I seriously just checked the calendar to make sure were aren't on April fools.

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    Uh, I feel a little bit slow. What are we talking about? Where's the animation?

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    The new website that they failed to advertise

    Also there is an ad on it if you go to the main website on the top bar.
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    I saw that too, I think they got confused with 80 and (0)8. Kind of wired how they would randomly change into that name (aside from the updated frames when Maple starts up, a subtle hint), and I'm surprised wasn't taken unless Nexon bought it.

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    Ok... so I see those little green guys that come up when I load MS. Where does it say anything about a name change? Where's this facebook ripoff?

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    I'd also like that it was just a joke, but sadly, it isn't.

    It's going to be a really big change there.

    No more NEXON?!? I got used to it.. BlockParty??.. no.. what is this I don't even..

    The BlockHead characters look really childish but yeah.. it's going to be something like Facebook/Twitter..

    I guess the site will change to BlockParty, but the company's name will still be NEXON. Oh well. I guess it'll be better than the old boring NEXON website.

    NEXON, BlockParty Tespia, anyone?

    OH, also..

    derp derp derp derp derpity derpa derp
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  17. Default

    It isn't live yet, the domain is being held by Nexon until a formal launch, but like I said, on the Maplestory website at the top there is a little icon that explains the new site.

  18. Default

    Oh, found it.

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    It's gonna take a while for me to get used to typing whenever I go to their site =/.



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